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Effect of teaming up during Storm League’s placement matches?

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - Effect of teaming up during Storm League's placement matches?

So I'm writing this on the back off a disappointing experience from last seasons team league. For reasons outside the scope of this post I had been playing with a new account and in the interest of not smurf-stomping lots of players I went to team league to try and get to my regular rank fast. Presumably that is exactly what placement matches are for.

This didn't work for reasons I'm about to explain and I'm wondering if those mechanics still exist with the Storm League's placement system.

So what I did was start off somewhere in bronze with my first placement matches, as the account was just level ~60. Then I was invited into a team of silver to bronze players and played the rest of my placements there. Going 8:2 I was placed in silver 5, which is something like 2-3 leagues too low as I know from experience. Basically I staid on the level of my second placement match forever, which is also the time I was invited to play with people who belong on that level. So I assume my placement is mostly due to playing the remainder of my placements with and against players of that level.

Obviously that is a fairly big difference in real placement (as known from experience) and placement by the system. I had assumed that winning many of my placements would trump playing with silver players but it appears to me it was the other way around.

This has some obvious flaws – what if I'm a GM and go 10:0 while playing with 4 bronze 5? Do I get placed something like bronze 3 in the end? What if I'm a bronze 5 and go 10:0 while playing 4 GMs (who carry me)? Do I get placed low master? Does it even matter how much I win or lose if I'm in a 5 stack like that?


So my personal takeaway has been that teaming during placements is hot garbage if your goal is to get ranked accurately. This is with regards to the old Team League system. Now Storm League is in and as far as I'm aware it allows teaming up during placements just as Team League did. And I've already received invites from people who added me during my climb out of silver – presumably to play some Storm League which would again be doing the placements with people ranked significantly lower than me.

And the question I have is – if my goal is to get to play with against players on my own rank, is teaming up during placements still VERBOTEN? If anyone could get back to me with answers on that I'd be really grateful – because I like playing with friends and / or teammates. But I also want to play at my ranking, it makes for better games for everyone.

And inbefore people respond with "did it occur to you that you might belong in silver?" let me preface that with saying: It occured to me that I'm overestimating my skill. But I'm certain that silver 5 is still way too low, because I did end up going 23-0 from silver 5 to silver 1 and ended up leaving the league on an 85% win record. All of the games are tracked on hotslogs and while I climbed a lot slower than that in gold I was still climbing when the reset hit. Got to gold 3 in about 10 days all in all, falling short of my goal of plat 5 but still demonstrating that for some reason the placement system fucked up badly.

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