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Enriching Azmodan – Globe Demons and Stuff!

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - Enriching Azmodan - Globe Demons and Stuff!

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Master SL Talent statistics, ranking for Ranged assassins on
Bronze to Gold vs
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  • Add and swap mechanics without taking existent ones away, only enriching his kit.
  • Improve Azmo on higher leagues. He's one of the better-performing Ranged Assassins on
    Gold – Bronze, but one of the worst-performing and least popular
    on Masters.
  • Buff Tide of Sin in a way that makes it an option for W and E builds. Cool as it is visually, mechanically it's a dull 'deal more damage' bonus, which reminds of old generic talents.
  • Improve diversity with mixed talents and synergies and remove W and E dependency on Greed.
  • Diversify the E build which currently has a talent on every tier, if we include Hellforged Armor which is often paired with it. Reducing synergy should reduce the build's high winrate.
  • Clarity. Specify number of Grunts spawned by Demonic Invasion. Rename ‘Summon Demon Warrior’ to ‘Hellgate’, All Shall Burn’s ‘final damage’ to ‘conclusion’, and 'Globe of Annihilation' to 'Infernal Globe'. Annihilation sounds cooler, but your Q stacks are already called that.


Infernal Globe

  • Damage increased from 184 to 190. Early game buff that helps with stacking. Still scales by 2.5%.


  • Move speed increased by 10%. Part of old Greed to match Heroes getting 10% baseline.
  • Aura damage increased from 18 to 20.

All Shall Burn

  • Range increased by 10% – Part of old Greed baseline to reduce E build dependency.
  • Conclusion damage reduced from 340 to 300. Nerf! Weakens Master of Destruction the most.

Demon Lieutenant

  • Added: Increases the damage of Azmodan’s Demons by 25% while nearby. A natural fit that can diversify Lieutenant use.

Tide of Sin Ideas

  1. Each Hero hit reduces the cooldown of Demon Warrior and All Shall Burn by 1 second.
  2. Each Hero hit grants 6% Spell Power for 6 seconds. Hellish buff.
  3. If it kills a Hero, reduce your Basic Ability cooldowns to 2 seconds.


Level 1 – Wording and Alterations

  • Greed: Infernal Globe deals 20% bonus damage to non-Heroes. Reward: After gaining 200 Annihilation, minion kills restore 2 mana, and Demon Lieutenant’s damage bonus also applies to Minions and Mercenaries. Includes Globe and Lieutenants kills.
  • Gluttony: Heroes hit by Infernal Globe grant 1 bonus Annihilation. Reward: After gaining 200 Annihilation, reduce Infernal Globe's cooldown by .25 seconds per target hit, doubled vs heroes. Restore .5% of your max health per Hero hit. Gluttony = yum yum.
  • Wrath (same function): Basic Attacks against Heroes below 75% Health grant 1 Annihilation. Reward: After gaining 200 Annihilation, Infernal Globe marks Heroes for 3 seconds. Your Basic Attacks remove the mark to add damage equal to 75% of your Annihilation. Adding clarity.

Level 4 – Buffing to Hellforged Armor's Level

  • Army of Hell: Hellgate summons two Demon Warriors but its cooldown is increased by 8 seconds. Reduce the cooldown of Demon Lieutenant's Demonic Smite by 2 seconds. Also buffs D now!
  • Hellforged Armor
  • Battleborn: Reduce Hellgate’s Mana cost by 10. Basic Attacks reduce the cooldown of Hellgate and Demon Lieutenant by .75 seconds, increased by .5 seconds per Heroes.

Level 7 – Tidying up Balance

  • Art of Chaos: Added: Hitting 3 Heroes reduces your Heroic ability’s cooldown by 10%. More attractive for Demonic Invasion.
  • Bombardment: Range bonus increased from 1.5 to 2.
  • Master of Destruction

Level 13 – Offensive Defense

  • Slow Burn: Damage by Demon Warriors and All Shall Burn slows by 20% for 1 second. The slow of Sin's Grasp fits here, and adds competition with Kiss for E builds.
  • Cydaea's Kiss
  • Trample: Damage reduced from 275 to 250. Moved from 16 for a defensive-ish tier.

Level 16 – Juic-E Stuff

  • Total Annihilation: Now also applies to the main target of All Shall Burn’s conclusion.
  • Hell Rift: All Shall Burn’s conclusion summons a Demon Warrior at the target, and grants Azmodan and his Demon Warriors 50% attack damage and 20% move speed for 6 seconds.
  • Sin’s Grasp: Increase the range of Infernal Globe and All Shall Burn by 10%. If All Shall Burn concludes, reduce its cooldown by 3 seconds. Emphasis on 'Grasp' as in 'range'.

Level 20 – Hellstorm

  • Siegebreaker: Your demons deal 25% increased damage to non-Heroes. If Infernal Globe hits a Hero, a Demonic Grunt drops at its location. Old Battleborn! Falling Grunts fit Globes better than DWs.
  • Black Pool
  • Pride: Azmodan and his demons receive 25% reduced damage from non-Heroic units. Reward: If at 400 Annihilation, gain all level 1 talent bonuses. Pride = less damage from plebs. Includes summons.
  • Inferno: Increase the radius of Demon Warriors' aura by 25% and its damage by 50%. Infernal Globe gains 15% radius and applies the aura of Demon Warriors on Heroes hit for 3 seconds. Enemies hit burn each other too. Had E synergy too but it's fine to keep another E-free tier.

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