Heroes of the Storm

Everything I screwed up while playing Sonya. A guide to what I did not do at first, but learned to do later.

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Everything I screwed up while playing Sonya. A guide to what I did not do at first, but learned to do later.

Heyhey, Wilbus here. Hots player for several years now. This was my first Moba ever and I've had a ton of help from the community to get to know the game and to learn about some of its ins and outs.

Time to return some love and show you guys what you can possibly do wrong on Sonya. These will be things that I encountered myself throughout my journey playing her, and is by no ways complete. It's simply what I learned. This is roughly, but not exactly in order of how I learned my things. So that being said. Lets start this.

1.) First things first. Lets talk about that level 1 block talent.

I'd tab out during the draft/loading screen after locking in my hero. Look at my enemies heroes when I spawned in the nexus and decide if I'd need the block talent or not. Then I'd let it charge passively and arrive in the lane with 1 block stack.

This is inefficient.

Decide during the loading screen if you need it or not. When you need it, you pick it immediately in the game. Then press Q on cooldown till the gate actually opens. Now you are in the lane, but with 3 block stacks. More blocks > Less blocks

2.) Fury management

I used to only get fury by pressing Q on a hero or minion, use my trait if I talented for it or through auto attacking things. Shocker. There is more.

Not only can you use your Q on something if you know you won't need it for the remainder of its cooldown. (please do this! It's free fury) You also generate fury by being attacked by minions/monsters or mercenaries.

An example. Infernal shrines. Your team captured some of the shrine monkeys, and left it at 39, but you dont have fury. You can look to stand in the middle of them for a bit. They will auto attack you and you will have you fury in no time!

3.) There is a small animation when you use Q.

I used to not care about where I Was standing when I pressed Q on someone. If I was in vision or not. Then I'd press Q, and any of the following things would happen.

An ETC has time to press W, a lucio has time to boop, a thrall has time to root. Overall during your Q people do have a slightly easier time to land their skillshots in general. So……what does this mean for the sonya gameplay? It's simple. Use your Q sometimes when standing in bushes, or from out of vision in general. This greatly reduces reaction time from your opponent

4.) Next, your W


Use it for siege if you are pushing out. You can position in such a way that you dont only hit the minion/hero/whatever, but also what is standing behind it. Maximized W value is a great way to optimize your sonya gameplay. Ever since I realised I should be doing this I started getting more early game siege on towers, wells, and heroes in general.

5.) If you go leap, you have unstoppable frames.

This turns it into not just a retreat or engage tool, but also a way to prevent fatal CC from landing on you. I don't go leap that often myself. But it's a nice advice.

6) Talking ultis. This is passive, but Wrath of the Berserker reduces CC durations.

No explanation needed. It does this passively.

7.) You don't always want to use your 16 shield at full health right before you are engaging.

Your E regens HP. You don't regen HP if you are full health. If you feel like you need it but you are not going to be bursted down, consider waiting till you dropped a little bit of health. This way your shield is not only a buffer, it also adds value to your E.

8.) Talking about whirlwind. When you're bodyblocked you're not bodyblocked.

Too many times I died trying to walk around my opponent while I could have just spinned right through it. Body blocks are a lie when you play against sonya.

9.) Talking about whirlwind. It can be cancelled.

I only realised this yesterday. As in, the use of this. For over 50 levels of Sonya I used to spin till the duration ran out. Untill something clicked. If you spin through someone, and press E again to cancel it, you are now effectively bodyblocking that person, cause he collides with your unit radius again. You can use this to prevent people to retreat to towers.

I went over three replays and counted 12 cases where me cancelling my spin early would have guaranteed a kill or a favorable fight. Practice this. It's good. Really good.

End note

This is by no means conclusive. It's just a list of things that I didn't realise at first, but when I did realise it it really started upping my gameplay as Sonya.

There are plenty of other advices. Using Q to quickly go over terrain by hitting a merc on the other side. Using the level 4 trait to prevent your wrath of the berserker from going out, you being stronger in your minion wave, etcetera etctera.

Those things however came somewhat naturally to me, which is why I didn't really mention things like that.

Any other tips and tricks are welcome.

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