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Fall of the Eternal Empire Event

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Fall of the Eternal Empire Event

jIYcska - Fall of the Eternal Empire Event


I have been following this game since its Beta and nothing has thrilled me more than to see a “Now in development” video with new heroes and skins. Every release was a hype party and now, despite the teams’ resources being limited, the Devs are giving their utmost effort into keeping the game alive and I would like all of us to help sustain the game as much as we can.

The revenue model of the game is likely to be based almost entirely on the skins/mounts purchases from players thus I thought to expand the
Eternal Empire story by exploiting its Star Wars/Superhero Vibes while mixing it with Starcraft and Warcraft.

Hence you find my idea to conclude this story:
jIYcska - Fall of the Eternal Empire Event

Fall of the Eternal Empire.

New Hero: Tirion Fordring

Tirion was a great hero for Azeroth, one of the original paladins, who gave the killing blow to Arthas and fought the scourge hard… until the player had to get the Ashbringer as a weapon… his disappearance from WoW left me unsatisfied and I would like to see him burn some asses in the Nexus.

I found this kit particularly interesting: An anti-CC melee DPS (check out the second ultimate) that in order to maximize his damage output has to use Holy Power, similar to Legion Paladins. To make it even more anti-CC, the Devs could add a strong base spell like Hammer of Wrath that could be activated after the player is CCed or something similar.

All the skins of Tirion should have a different appearance of the Ashbringer artifact in order to give diversity and contrasting vibes to players.

Fall of the Eternal Empire Skins

Arthas The Eternal Emperor

“His spacelords conquered most of the Universe and now only few planets are resisting his tremendous power… Arthas knew that the moment to face his former master would have come and now he is ready to cut him down.”

A sort of Starcraft DK version: a hooded dark figure with cybernetic body, a Red Saber Frostmourne,
terminatorjpg - Fall of the Eternal Empire Event

half robotic face.
SpellVisual Changes
Howling BlastLightning that paralyzes
Frozen TempestDark/Red Lighting tempest
Army of the DeadWhite robotic soldiers
SindragosaA robotic black dragon(
bahamut610 - Fall of the Eternal Empire Event
Bahamut alike)

As an Arthas player I feel that he misses some dark/scary skins that could give him justice…

Damn he is a training dummy the Lich King after all!

Spacelord Ragnaros– The Frozen Menace😀

“The strongest among the spacelords, Ragnaros could conquer whole planets alone… by freezing everything in its path”

This idea is a tribute to
hqdefault - Fall of the Eternal Empire Event

Lord Marrowgar from ICC, I believe that it will fit quite well to our lovely firelord.
SpellVisual Changes
All base spellsIce based
Lava waveRagnaros will start screaming “BONESTORM! BONESTORM!” and a tempest of metallic and frozen bones will clean the lane.

Alarak The Darth Haul

“Fear. Fear attracts the fearful… the strong… the weak… the innocent… the corrupt. Fear. Fear is my ally”

Alarak is already an evil space lord, however with very little effort (just by recoloring one of the skins) we could have a perfect Sith.

Hermit Tirion For-Dring

“For-Dring and his Vindicators fought for the freedom of the Universe but the dark power of the Eternal Empire could not be stopped… the Emperor himself killed all the members one by one in front of him. Now he has abandoned the superhero life in exile… but soon justice will knock on his door and Ash-Saber will answer the call once more”


Tirion wearing Jedi-like clothes +
533898 ashbringer retribution paladin - Fall of the Eternal Empire Event

Burning Reprisal Ashbringer

Anduin Lightwalker

“The eternal empire attacked his town unexpectedly, his father died fighting while his mother gave her life to protect him. Nothing could hold his tears, his heart full of anger could not stand in front of this injustice. It was in that moment that a thunder of light from the sky transformed him into a being of pure light, ready to stop any injustice in the universe”

For Anduin I based my idea on
022833e0a88fe3ab6889d8b864a8012d - Fall of the Eternal Empire Event

Adam Warlock and
DNV7PlAUEAAqOSh - Fall of the Eternal Empire Event
Shazam with a pinch of Warcraft (his hero superhero costume is
575015 - Fall of the Eternal Empire Event
Priest Tier 5)


“For each planet subdued, the Emperor gave orders to execute immediately all veteran warriors while recruiting the children for his army. Kher’rgan was one of those children, forced to fight for the genocidal monster that exterminated her race… until Lightwalker freed her. Now she seeks only revenge for the atrocities she suffered.”

A simple but impactful recolor of Kerrigan queen of ghost, based on
ahsoka tano rebelss3 a020c09e - Fall of the Eternal Empire Event

Ahsoka Tano colors

Mich Gaz

“Defeated and without his fellow robots, Gazlowe struggled to find a way to survive on Earth. “Robots are weak” he thought and developed a device to mind-control gold elementals to pursue his plans.”

He could also have a quote like “
Money, time is”D:

SpellVisual Changes
TurretsMicro-gold elementals
Xplodium Charge/GravibombHe launches gold minerals that after few secs get attracted by a magnet and explode
Robo-GoblinHe equips a full golden armor with two green and gold saws

Gibberer Probius

“Global pollution can be dangerous… and gibberers are the proof of it! Those little devils live in swamps and attack everything that enter within their territory. This is the reason why the rebellion is having its HQ in their swamp.”

I don’t play probius a lot…but a skin like this would be mandatory.

SpellVisual Changes
PulseA poisonous spit
RiftA little swamp/quicksand
CannonA little gibberer that spits at the enemy
Pylon OverchargeAll the gibberers on the pylons start spitting at enemies in range
Null GateA wall of vines will slow enemies down that pass by it

Jan and Grewie

”Jan was a well-known treasure hunter in the Galaxy that the Empire captured while he was trying to steal one of their spaceships. To punish him they tried to fuse its DNA with an alien race of Were-Bears… unexpectedly Jan appreciated this little gift and thanks to its new strength escaped easily.”

Basically a reference to Han and Chewie using
Marin the Fox - Fall of the Eternal Empire Event

Hearthstone and
Warcraft references.

Even if a druid might be added as a hero in the future, I doubt Devs will add this form due to the fact the model is very different compared to the guardian bear while it shares similarities with Greymane Wolf form.

Emperor’s Cubs (Mounts)

“The Emperor loves to collect the most dangerous monsters of the universe and free them on planets he wants to ravage.*

Share your thoughts and ideas, maybe we can inspire Devs and see something similar into the Nexus!

P.S. Check also my other idea for a Troll-related event

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