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Feedback: Expanding Matchmaking (opt-in feature?)

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Feedback: Expanding Matchmaking (opt-in feature?)

Howdy all,


This will be quite long post so adding a (Long) and (TLDR) version as well as some screenshots and info below. I don't want to start any kind of argument here, discussion is fine but I just want my voice to be heard as I love this game.




As you've all probably seen in QM, you'll first of all get the 'Searching Quickmatch' and if the system has tanks & healers queued, it'll match up two teams against one-another (tank, healer, fill, fill, fill). However, if it doesn't have tanks/healers queued – it'll go to the 'Expanding Matchmaking' and this is where the 'fun' begins, you'll likely see yourself in a bizarre team composition, usually without tanks or healers on both teams which makes it feel more like a brawl.


My idea to address this issue (for those that want it addressed) can be found below in the long and TLDR formats.


eIizNkN - Feedback: Expanding Matchmaking (opt-in feature?)

https://imgur.com/a/eIizNkN – Also, the points of these screenshots are just simply to show the outcomes of most (I'd say at least 70-75%) of matches without tanks/healers within them – these are just some extreme examples, not all matches are like this. Just the majority.



(Long Version with feedback)


My idea is to please consider making the 'Expanding Matchmaking' an opt-in option rather than an automation. Games feel more balanced and fun when we wait a few extra minutes to get at least a tank and heal per team.


Whenever I see the 'Expanding Matchmaking' it usually means I'm about to get a very strange team composition which in result just removes most of the fun out of the game. Even if it doesn't result in absolute domination, having to hearth back to base after every single player encounter isn't fun. It also gives those with self-healing capabilities a huge advantage over those that do not.


— "Why not just play Ranked or Unranked?"

Now, I've seen this argument "If you want balanced gameplay, that's what ranked and unranked are for" I agree that this is somewhat true, it doesn't address the overall issue. Ranked/Unranked means that you won't necessarily play the hero you want as you have to fit into your team choices, if you go against that – you'll likely find yourself getting questioned, flamed and/or reported.



Ranked / Unranked is normally played when you want a serious game which usually involves playing in a much more serious and somewhat stressful environment with heroes you're extremely familiar with. These modes also mean that you may go in wanting to play a certain hero to find it gets banned, picked or just doesn't fit into the composition.


The main reason I play Quick Match primarily is because sometimes I just start daydreaming thinking something like, "gosh darn it, I really want to play some Azmo tonight and get some sick dunks!" I won't go home later and queue for ranked/unranked and 'hope' that I get the chance of playing Azmo and that it fits into that composition. This is when I jump into QM.


Now, trust me – I've seen plenty of QM games WITH a tank & healer on both teams as well which also resulted in domination but honestly; the majority of games with tanks and healers on both teams result in similar kill counts, good back and forth momentum and fun gameplay whilst most importantly, playing the hero you want to play.


I'm not trying to ruin or damage the feel of Quick Match as I know some people prefer the very fast matchmaking even if it is a bit unbalanced from time to time, but to give slightly longer wait times for those that enjoy playing with a tank/heal per team, that would be awesome.



(TLDR Version)


My idea is to please consider making the 'Expanding Matchmaking' an opt-in option rather than an automation by default. Games feel more balanced and fun when we wait a few extra minutes to get at least a tank and heal per team.


To clarify, here is how it would work:


OPT-OUT >>> (This is the new system I'd like to see) You will have a slightly longer wait time within the queue as the system will wait to find at least 1 tank and 1 heal per team before starting. This allows you to play the hero you want whilst fitting into a much more balanced composition.


OPT-OUT >>> (This is the system we have at the moment) You get the fastest possible match regardless of what the team compositions are.

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