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Feedback of my experience with the game

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Feedback of my experience with the game

By this communities standards, I'm new to the game. My account is kind of old because I've been playing very sparsely over the course of a few years now, but recently, I've decided that I want to enjoy something more casual than dota, and so I've started playing HotS more with the intention of learning the game and trying to play it well. As part of that endeavor, I thought I would post some feedback about it that I haven't seen here before. I have 3.3k hours in dota, so I'm going to draw some comparisons there.


  1. Heroes are very unique. Dota heroes are unique as well, but many heroes in this game are crazy and I'm here for it.
  2. There's never downtime. This has downsides, but they are for a different category. I love how there are always multiple objectives you can go for, and its' not trivial to know what the right one is.


  1. Having so many different maps is interesting, but all of the heroes arent balanced for all of the maps. I know a lot of people wont consider that a con, but finding matches in draft modes takes way longer than quick queue, so it is a con if you pick a hero and get put in a map that that hero is weaker in.
  2. Heroes sharing XP is interesting. I hated it when I started playing, but I'm warming up to it now. I like the idea that if you are 4v5ing the enemy team, and you have 1 player soaking and pushing that you are getting a huge advantage if you can keep that up. That is very cool, but I still don't love how one team suddenly gets a huge power spike simultaneously. I think its kind of cool in dota whenever a hard carry has been ignored for like 20 minutes and comes out of the jungle as a God after his team has been suffering. That gives you cool moments too.


  1. Learning what heroes are capable of doing is impossible in game! Tbh, this is the real reason that I wrote this post. I love the concept of talents in this game as a replacement for items, but it is fucking impossible to learn what characters are capable of doing because the talent tree for every character is humongous and the text on a ton of the talents is like 2-3 paragraphs long, and the game is too fast paced for you to read the talents in that menu while its going on, and you can't click on other player's characters to read what their abilities do. I know that this is going to get eye rolls as someone coming from dota, which is also fairly complicated, but in dota, most of the learning in the game comes from figuring out what you are immune to when you have spell immunity turned on (which is admittedly a convoluted mess). In dota, as a brand new player, you will get rolled over and over again, but while your dead, you can select the enemy hero and read their abilities and items to learn why you died, and after playing 1 game with a necrophos, you will know everything that necrophos does.
    In this game, you can't select heroes to read their abilities and because of that, it feels impossible to learn what characters do while you are in game. If you gave me a quiz at the end of the game about what Kael'thas (who has been in like the past 20 of my 30 games probably) does, I'd probably fail. "Does Kaelthas have a slow?" "Idk, I think he might have a talent that makes it so that after his tornado puts you down, your slowed for a few seconds. I think that might have happened to me before." I ofc think it was the right move to remove items in this game, but why couldn't the talent trees have been trimmed to like 2 choices at every level, and then come up with some kind of visual language in the talent tree so that you can know what its going to do just by looking at it. For example, create an icon that represents increased range, and whenever there's a talent that increases the range of a spell, it is just the spell icon with that range icon on top of it so that you don't need to read 2 paragraphs about how every time you use X spell and hit hits 3 or more heroes, then it gains +2 damage, except if one of those heroes is diablo themed. And once you've increased your damage to +36, then all of your spells change colors, and cause enemy units hit by them to teleport to a random spot 50 units away from where they currently are. The opposition to this post is likely going to be that characters' identities would get removed by simplifying the talents, but I totally disagree. The nuance of the talents in almost every case does not justify how difficult they are to learn. Any talents that are complex, but are an integral part of the hero should probably get moved into the heroes kit so that the talents can be simplified.
  2. Thank you for coming to my TED talk. Fun game. If anyone has third party apps that let you select heroes to read their abilities, and puts the selected talents that affect those abilities as tooltips onto the ability descriptions themselves, I would be very grateful to have access to that. I don't want to have to research what heroes do out of game. I didn't have to in dota, and I don't want to here.

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