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Fenix counters and synergies

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - Fenix counters and synergies

Hi all,

I found this very nice and detailed Riokaii's Fenix guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1y2ZTj9P-WKpU5cKAAnw57poZ7RVzfwuDpqNUei7MwG4/edit

And I am very curious why are some counters and synergies there.

Below I am pasting counters and synergies from the document:

Fenix Synergies:

  1. Thrall – Earthquake with Purification Salvo,
  2. Diablo – Lightning Breath for Salvo
  3. Ana – Nano on Salvo is decent, but also her healing pattern is very strong with Rapid Recharge (Cleansing stuns gives armor, which also gives shields with the talent, which the armor multiplies the value of
  4. Stitches – Bile combos well with salvo, and helping hand is nice when fenix can't warp
  5. Mephisto – Mephisto Consume Souls with Salvo
  6. Jaina – slow with Purification Salvo,
  7. Arthas – slow with Purification Salvo,
  8. ETC – Mosh with Planetcracker,
  9. Johanna – a good wall tank, and offers a lot of teamfight control for your damage to splash and hit many targets
  10. Leoric – Entomb with Planetcracker, Slow with Purification Salvo,
  11. Malthael – old Hand for Salvo, he also just kills tanks well, if the opponents frontline is pressured, they can't engage and fenix is free to go to town pumping dps
  12. Deckard – a lot of teamfight control, similarly to Johanna. But potions also pair well with Rapid Recharge, as well as Ancient Blessings. Cube+Root and salvo are good too.
  13. Lucio – keeps fenix healthy in fights and is good peel and prevents burst with his ult
  14. Rehgar – totem area at 1 + Big slow at 16 and rewind at 20 are powerful for salvo. Ancestral is also very strong. Bloodlust is decent but not as good as you think (The attack speed is additive with Repeater Cannon's 150% base amount)
  15. Stukov – is mostly just big teamfight control, similar to Johanna, and he is also one of the best healers against fenix, so you take away the other team's ability to play him at the same time
  16. Morales – similar to Lucio, but kinda just weaker, she keeps him healthy and Safeguard is strong, doesnt bring as much though, she is kinda weak overall atm. Stim isnt as good for similar reasons as bloodlust too
  17. Tyrande – Starfall for Salvo

Fenix Hard (ish) Counters
Pretty much all of these have multiple CC's or repositioning CC's which prevent you from easily Warping, and if you get hit by them, you are usually just dead.

  1. Garrosh
  2. Anub'arak
  3. Stitches
  4. Alarak
  5. Stukov
  6. Cassia
  7. Diablo
  8. ETC
  9. Dehaka – tongue and Iso
  10. Sylvanas – silence and she trades fairly strong
  11. KTZ –

Fenix Soft Counters

  1. Hanzo – Bigger range, can poke him to get rid of his shield before fight probably
  2. Junkrat – Bigger range, traps, mine, and riptire all making your positioning and safety very tricky
  3. Chromie – Bigger range, can poke him to get rid of his shield before fight probably
  4. Li Ming – Wave of Force warp interruption
  5. Genji – Fenix is fat and gets hit by shingan a lot easier than other heros, and he can chase you after you warp easily.
  6. Varian – Shattering Throw + a few other abilities can kill him
  7. Valeera – silence or stun+Blind are both strong, you can Q her out of stealth before she can open on you from max range, but it is a bit of a tight spacing to do so.
  8. Kerrigan – combo is an insta kill
  9. Chen – no way how to get out of him, Barrel is ridiculously good at displacing fenix and preventing warp
  10. Butcher – charge and lamb, you can warp the charge if he is far enough away from you, but you pretty much have to save warp for it and can't use it for anything else.
  11. Maiev – if you get hit by a tether/ her. Warping tether (if she doesnt have a shade to instantly snap pull) requires warping very quickly before she can create enough distance to pull you.

Do you have idea why are some of the heroes listed?


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