Heroes of the Storm

Few ideas for Morales

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Few ideas for Morales

Morales is not in a good state. While she has her unique playstyle, it tends to be unattractive for what it provides in a game and how fun it is to play. I believe she needs full rework to address her core issues but in the meantime there are small, balance friendly tweaks that can smooth out her playstyle.

Healing Beam

It’s a big mystery to me why players are punished for NOT playing like a healbot. The most efficient way of healing is to top everyone off and then afk for the same amount of time. Especially in the laning phase when enemies have a lot of poke the playstyle is extremely dull. Counter to Morales is not forcing the fight when she is regenerating anyway, it’s picking heroes with high output that make her struggle.


Regenerated energy reduced to 5 per second.

Time required for energy to start regenerating reduced to 0.5 seconds.

It gives players new playstyle of micromanaging their energy. This is especially valid since you spend so much time just healing and staying safe. Although it seems like a buff because the change makes healing more dependable, overall output is slightly nerfed. It’s a small tweak that makes the playstyle more active and engaging.

Medivac Dropship

This heroic clearly struggles to be usefull. It’s supposed to be team global, but from what I have seen it’s used for cheese, discount bunker or win more tool on double boss map.



Cast time reduced by 0.25 seconds.

No longer stuns Morales after being destroyed.

The ability is extremely clunky. First there is 1s stationary cast, then 3s delay and in the end you can be punished with a stun anyway. This change is a buff, but the heroic is underperforming and cheesy playstyle is on the other end of ability. It makes it more viable when you are forced to pick it.

Displacement Grenade

Knockback is an effect that requires a lot of precision and grenade is very awkward to use. It’s bad match. Most of the time you can’t be sure what the ability will do and it has high potential of helping enemy team. Reactivation is also very unreliable in melee range.


Doubled knockback duration.

Knockback speed greatly reduced.

(if possible) Holding the button will make grenade detonate on the first enemy hero in range, like the old version of ability.

Although effect is still the same, the ability changes into pseudo stun. It allows for more opportunities of using grenade without having to worry about what can go wrong. It trades potential for finding perfect knockback from time to time for more consistent but less flashy effect. The goal is to make the gameplay less centered around only healing.

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