Heroes of the Storm

Finally reached Level 100 with Alarak! Guide & AMA

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Finally reached Level 100 with Alarak! Guide & AMA

3QJLOUh - Finally reached Level 100 with Alarak! Guide & AMA


Hey guys, I finally hit level 100 with my favorite hero, Alarak! I wanted to make a small guide and give a bit of insight about the hero for those interested, feel free to ask any questions you might have! I will divide this guide into Alarak's role in the team, builds, his best/worst maps, synergies and counters and some general tips, so feel free to skip to the part you are interested in. Also, some people might disagree with a point here and there, this is not a definite "How to play Alarak" but just my experience from playing him, so add things you think I forgot!

Alarak's role in the team

Alarak is a melee combo mage with a lot of CC and damage. He excels at setting up kills for his teammates and can create openings when your tank suffers to do so. Although he can help out in the solo lane, you should always draft him as second damage dealer in the 4 man, as his potential is wasted if he is not with his team. You can basically always pick him as long as the other essential roles are covered and your team can make up for your PVE weakness.


E – Build: 1 > 4 > 7 > 10 > 13 > 16 > 20 >

This is Alarak's best build and the reason is simple: it mitigates Alarak's weaknesses. It makes you impactful outside of your combo and with that lets you use your most important ability Telekinesis more freely for other stuff than your combo – I will go more in detail about that later -, with many stacks your waveclear actually becomes decent and – because it is calculated differently – it makes you much less dependent on Sadism and therefore makes death less punishing. Additionally, you get another CC tool with the reward of the level 1 quest and that slow makes it much easier to hit your combo.

This is your first power spike, the next ones are level 7 and level 16. Applied Force is just so good and without it Alarak just feels incomplete, in my opinion. You threat range becomes huge with it, so that the enemy has to be extremely careful with their positioning. Level 16 is pretty self-explanatory: double Lightning, double damage. At this point you should have gotten a couple of stacks already and with the double lightning you should get only more and more stacks and damage, however, don't freak out if you don't manage to get many stacks everytime, it is highly map and enemy comp dependent, the important thing is to win and you don't need many stacks for your E to be impactful.

At level 20 you might take > instead of Last Laugh, however, I always regret not taking the teleport. Its advantage is that it gives you both defensive and offensive utility and great playmaking potential with E build. You can position yourself perfectly to hit those big Es with it and you only need to hit two heroes with your double lightning to remove the penalty and still have your combo up. Here's a clip by Rich that illustrates that perfectly:

Solo lane/QM build: 1 > 4 > 7 > 10 > 13 > 16 > 20 >

This is the build you go, if you are forced to solo lane or soak (because almost no one soaks in QM) for an extended period of time. Level 1 gives you more sustain that you need in the solo lane, Show of Force gives you just immediate value in a situation where you can't stack much and Mocking Strikes gives you CDR. If you have to go this build then often times it's just better to pick a different hero, however, against specific match ups in the solo lane Alarak can do well with this build (but again draft him in the 4 man).



Alarak's best maps are for me Battlefield of Eternity and Volskaya Foundry. BoE because it's a map where you are teamfighting constantly and because Alarak is a monster at defending his immortal because he can push people into the immortal stun. If you manage to do this into the small circles that's often a death sentence for the enemy. Volskaya is great because you are teamfighting on a point for an extended period of time and this way you can stack your E a lot and even if you lose the objective you get a giant robot where you can stacks easily.

His worst maps are Blackheart's and Warhead Junction, just because you often don't have real teamfights there and you can't get many stacks. On any other map he is good as long as your team can cover your bad waveclear. He is actually great on Braxis, Tomb and Dragon Shire as well, if your team has covered that aspect because you are fighting in lane the whole team and can therefore stack very easily.

Synergies and Counters

As I said before, Alarak is a melee mage therefore you should really treat him as such and not draft another mage. Of course it can work, but often you just end up messing up your teammates' abilities with your combo and you get fucked by Diablo with Spellshield and Anub. That's why you should always look to draft him with an autoattacker with good PVE as are for instance Fenix, Valla or Raynor. However, his absolute best partner in crime is Hanzo and I don't know exactly why but I feel they complement each other perfectly and I played this also many times from the Hanzo's perspective.

Regarding tanks, you just have to be careful with Diablo and ETC so they don't mess up your combo but every tank works. The biggest synergy is with Johanna I think, because she is an additional hero that can mitigate your PVE weakness, while you make up for her lack of initiation with your combo.

About counters, I don't think there are many for Alarak. The only hero I really don't like playing against is Stukov, because his silence fucks you big time and your combo is lower range than his E so you can't interrupt him. However, other than him I don't have any issues with other heroes and will often firstpick Alarak as long as I can see that my team is willing to draft waveclear.

General Tips

Alarak's most important ability is his Telekinesis. It is not only for your combo, but you can you it as a quick escape. With Alt+W you can push yourself instantly into the direction you are facing. Also, look for opportunities to push your enemies into stuff. I mentioned the immortal stun before, but it can be any boss stun or even your Malf's root, your ETC's Mosh Pit or a Li Ming combo. It is also a relatively long range interrupt for channeled abilties and you can even peel for your allies.

When you are comboing someone from mid range, don't just immediately use your E on them because you will miss an autoattack this way.

Speaking about autoattacks, Alarak has the 5th highest AA dps in the game baseline so when you can autoattack do so.

However, positioning is the most important aspect about Alarak both offensively and defensively. You might be melee, but you are not a frontliner, always stay behind your tank.

Don't wait for the enemy to walk into a good position to centerhit with your E, move yourself to get into position for that but without exposing yourself too much.

After you got the slow from your level 1 quest, always use your E first then your combo. Also once you got Lightning Barrage, think ahead where you want to put the second lightning so you can hit the enemy BAM-BAM in quick succession and so they don't have time to move out of the line.

Also Alarak is the absolute ARAM god: https://imgur.com/a/0mgfxE4

I hope you liked my guide, thanks for reading and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

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