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First thoughts on Tracer rework from Tracer main

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - First thoughts on Tracer rework from Tracer main


First things first – I really wanted to thank devs for this amazing job – I really appreciate ideas and solutions used in this (and many others!) rework.

I played a few games as Tracer today and I wanted to share my impressions with you.

Tracer used to be annoying mosquito, with ability to outmaneuver opponents with mobility (AAs while walking + Blinks + Recall), do significant amount of sustain damage, burst once in a while and back off.

Her main weakness were hard cc and lack of self-sustain (please do not count level 13 leeching talent, the healing wasn't that good – low % and only vs heroes).

After the rework Tracer gained surprisingly high amount of self-sustain:

– AA leech on everything

– shorter Recall cooldown

– entire level 4

– entire level 13 (shield on blink, lower Blinks cooldowns when needed the most; more AA damage = more healing, more range on Blink, even shorter Recall cd + knockback)

– Total Recall buff

If you add to this her natural high mobility you are gaining Hero that can stay in fight way much longer than used to on their own, while still doing a lot of damage.

Her identity shifted really drastically – from "damage and a bit of utility" to "damage, utility AND sustain". I don't belive that this is healthy direction.

What I would change?


Her survivability of course. I would start with disabling her life leech on AAs.

First of all, it doesn't make sense. Tracer is not a vampire. This is painful to watch. Really.

I would change this leech to another form of survivability – less obvious, but still potent and more fitting. I came up with 2 ideas:

– reverse damage nerf (or if suitable add 1 or 2 points more – whatever makes sense) – she is going to survive by killing enemy team. And this is what I expect from assassin.


– give her Bullet Time talent baseline – if you don't remember, Bullet Time was a talent on level 7 which caused AAs to lower the cooldown of Blink by 0,15 s. Even nerfing this talent to 0,1 s would make more sense than giving her life leech. But implementing this would give her survivability that requires skill, planning, a little bit of luck and wouldn't change her identity much.

Her talent that gives more leech per Blink could then be reworked to work like old leech, if you will to specialize into this kind of play. Or it could be changed into something totally different. Whatever makes sense.

If you have any different ideas, feel free to share them.

I am open for feedback and see you in the Nexus!

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