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First Time Platinum!

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - First Time Platinum!

I've been a career Gold HL player for almost 3 years. To be fair I never managed to dedicate enough games to improve/climb due to studies and adjusting to my professional career post-studies, but it has always been the same cycle since I first got out of Silver late 2016:

  • Perform convincingly in my placements by always winning at least 5 games.

  • Get put into Gold 2/3.

  • Climb my way to Gold 1.

  • Climb to Platinum 5 promotion game and always lose it.

  • Spiral back down to Gold 4/5.

When this happened again last season, I was infuriated. Especially being that I was trying TL too (new solo-Q in TL) and I went 9-1 placements with Muradin only to be dropped into Gold again.

This season in Storm League, I tried a different approach, especially with the new role system:

  • Main tank, second bruiser
  • Pick Anub'arak whenever possible
  • Never play solo, try to make a team especially with Comms
  • Just focus on my particular role in the team.

Placements were kind of off. I accidently queued up with a couple of Masters/Diamonds and got put into their games. We played 4 and lost 2. The two that we won I was Anub and Johanna. I can't seem to play other main tanks well and require more training.

So I was dropped into Gold 3. But I started searching around the channels and joined teams of players who were also Gold. And no I was not boosted in any way, I only ever played with Golds. I climbed to Gold 1 by maintanking Anub'arak. Eventually I got back to Platinum promotion.

Unfortunately, friends of friends also joined the parties I was in and even in comms they were toxic or just speaking Russian all the time. Its unsuprising why the gaming world almost despises Russian players sometimes. The game where I was hoping to finally break into Platinum, they were just speaking Russian, not really playing the game and then flaming. I looked at their profiles to find out that alot of them were career QM players.

So here is a tip from me: Never play with players who have most of their games or match history in QM. They are trash. There is no argument about it.

I fell back to mid Gold 1 after some more lost games and I made a post here about Main Tanking (https://www.reddit.com/r/heroesofthestorm/comments/basf6q/i_need_help_main_tanking/) if I cannot pick Anub. Thank you very much for the responses guys, I've been training Blaze and ETC in UD to poor success tbh, but I will get better with more practice. ETC I just don't understand because its hard to choreograph my movements with my team. I don't spam W but if I'm clearly anchoring or just side stepping, my team will think I'm not there. Then when I finally go in, my team fumbles. With Blaze, its a pure L2P issue where I'm not familiar with the quirks of his kit.


After some more games, I booted up HotS today and joined a random party of 3 Golds. Some of them were in demotion game. I thought "huh, lets try". But you know what? Teamwork makes the dream work. We ALL used comms and every game there was chatter. I felt like I was in a JayPL game where people are making calls and someone is always screaming in French rofl. In our first game that we won, we picked up a random Lili who was support. She joined us in comms and played Lili for our next 4 games. So this was our MO as a Gold league 5-stack:

  • I instalock Anub'arak, if I can't, I'll go Johanna (as it turns out, I was able to pick Anub every game)
  • One goes Lili no matter what.
  • One goes Bruiser/solo laner. He switched between Xul and Imperius depending
  • The other two prioritized wave clear/camp clear/burst DPS depending.

And always, WE COMMUNICATED AND USED COMMS. If you refuse to speak to your team mates, expect to be capped at some level. We won 5 games in a row since we started and I got promoted to Platinum. At long last, I ascended. I personally think that Storm League has been brilliant for the players who have improvement and want to climb to a new level. As it was for me.

I'll probably be asked about Anub'arak here so I'll post my stats for the last 3 or so seasons:

  • Current Season: SL 14 games, 92.9% winrate.
  • 2019 Season 1: HL 12 games, 75% winrate. TL 22 games, 68.2% winrate
  • 2018 Season 4: HL 10 games, 60% winrate. TL 2 games, 50% winrate.
  • 2018 Season 3: HL 10 games, 60% winrate.
  • 2018 Season 2: HL 9 games, 66.7% winrate.
  • 2017 Season 2: HL 23 games, 73.9% winrate

Some seasons inbetween 2018 and 2017, I was either complete trash or just didn't play. To be fair, I have not used Anub as much as I should until this season.

My goals for this season have been met: Get Platinum. Now its time to push for Diamond and to get better at the following heroes for the main tank role:

  • Anub'arak
  • Blaze
  • ETC
  • Johanna
  • Muradin

Thanks for reading and congratulations to the dev team for really pouring their passion and life into this game. There is no better time now to play HotS imo!

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