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‘Fixing QM matching system’ vs ‘Making QM-Dodge to official function similarly’

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - 'Fixing QM matching system' vs 'Making QM-Dodge to official function similarly'

bad QM matching system – red team`s picks are lack of dealing to heroes(they may be solo ques)

QM matching system gives one team advantages by picks unfairly, too frequently.

I have a idea how matching system must be changed. It shall not be best improvement, but will be better than now.

First of all, Making 5 bruisers(Malthael, Ragnaros, Thrall, Varian, Xul, who are not treated as Bruiser) to proper roles: except Varian, make them(Malthael, Ragnaros, Thrall, Xul, who are from Assassin or Specialist) to proper role which is not Bruiser and not Melee Assassin, naming like Semi-Bruiser.(Yes, I`m not good at English, especially in VOCA.) In this case, Blizzard must make more heroes in this role. Other bruiser, Varian must be treated as bruiser. From old times, Varian is treated in Tank role in QM. And the 5 bruiser heroes are not treated as bruiser in ARAM either, so ARAM should be changed too.

Next, Unless one team is extreme combination picks though party like 3 or more healers, each team`s amount of individual role shall be same. Examples of extreme combination picks are 3 or more Supports, 3 or more Tanks etc.

Next one is about Ranged Assassin. In the past, Blizzard said that there will be 1 or more Ranged Assassin heroes in each team, but it was lying. Sometimes Ranged Assassin hero is replaced Support hero or not existed even all of that teammates are solo ques. Therefore, unless one team is '5 ques and no one picked Ranged Assassin hero', making sure that the team has 1 or more Ranged Assassin heroes. In summary, matching system must make all teams have 1 or more Ranged Assassin heros unless the team is 5 que and no one picks Ranged Assassin hero. However, if one team is 5 que and no one picks Ranged Assassin hero, the opposite team can have Ranged Assassin heroes. It is because the team which no one picked that role had a right of choice and they gave it up.


Last one is grade about each ability: clearing minions, dealing to enemy heroes, survivabiltiy etc. Blizzard must change wrong official grade about damage, utility, survivability, of course. Examples of wrong one is they said Genji`s survivability(4) is same to Hanzo`s one(4), or Nova`s damage is maximum(9). The grade is categorized from 1(lowest) to 9(highest). For example, Xul`s clearing minions is 9, highest. But in this case, some grades of some heroes can be changed by traits like Leoric`s Knell, Peasants!, which is best pick for solo lane. Should the system consider this? I can`t decide this.

In this case, match-making will be slower than now. I think it would be okay if adopt A.I.`s pick system: one Tank, one healer, other 3 including 1 or more Ranged Assassin.

Second option: 'Making QM-Dodge to official function similarly'

I wrote 'official function similarly' because I have no proper name to this system. I saw a system that users can accept or refuse the match, in other game.

Like that system, when a game is matched, a system show the map and 'ally`s picks' to users, and ask them to accept or refuse the game. If 3 or more users in one team refuse, the match is canceled. Limitation of refusing continously is 5 and will be reset if the user accept one. Putting limitation is for some bad players who refuse all games to harm. However, limitation may be useless because they can be log-in in other accounts.

Thanks for reading long post. Will it be satisfying to almost people?

p.s. I don`t know where flair of this post would be: Suggestion or Discussion.

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