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Following BlizzAZJackson’s response to my comment in the AMA – Here are some more ideas and feedback on Samuro

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - Following BlizzAZJackson's response to my comment in the AMA - Here are some more ideas and feedback on Samuro

Following the devs finally responding on Samuro and their stance on him, i have decided to make a post re-grouping our initial feedback and possibly giving more ideas onto simple fixes to help solve his core issues (As AZJackson requested)

Firstly, the core things that needs to happen on Samuro is to change his primary focus from trying to avoid PvP instances to focus on macro to trying to focus on PvP instances while macro is secondary, for this i have two simple ideas:

First and foremost, Samuro needs the 6s Image Transmission CD baseline, this would have a two way benefit, first, it would be a buff to his – in my opinion – extremely weak early game, and it would also be a buff to Bladestorm. 25s CD is just way too much and relegates the ability to just an escape tool instead of an actual combat tool.

"But then he picks Illusion Master and completely breaks macro"

Stopping that is the reasoning for the second change, which is to add a leash range to images, mind you though that it has to be big enough to not be restrictive in a fight (Samuro is complex enough as is, no need for more variables in a high stress high APM demanding scenario) but it has to be short enough to restrict his macro by a considerable margin

With these changes he now has far better tools to fare in a standard 5v5 fights because unlike before Image Transmission now has a CD that is able to compete with base kit CC from tanks, which, considering good tank peel was one of the things most holding him back in a fight, is a good thing

Alternatively, if the leash range is a not desirable mechanic to implement, i propose another change (credit to
KillMeWithMemes - Following BlizzAZJackson's response to my comment in the AMA - Here are some more ideas and feedback on Samuro

Nick for the idea): for X seconds after flipping, hitting an enemy hero reduces the CD of Image Transmission by X

This could go coupled with a raw CD increase to Image Transmission to keep his macro more at bay, both options can work really, but one of them is necessary

"but why not just add a normal CDR mechanic like Illidan has"

While i advocated for this change for a long time, the issue i've come to have with such a change is that it fucks with planned plays and calculated risks, which are the type of things Samuro wants to be trying to do, it would also complicate him even further, so what we want is a set cooldown mostly. That's why i prefer the first suggested option, though i recognize Nick's idea has potential and could just as easily work

Now, below are some ideas already mentioned in previous threads:

  • Hitting an enemy hero X second(s) after using Image Transmission does X

  • Using Image Transmission X second(s) after taking damage from an enemy hero does X

  • Hitting enemy heroes increases max health by X

  • Enable clones to use the Wind Walk ability (more mindgames)

  • After killing an enemy hero refresh X cooldown

  • Have evasion for X seconds after exiting Wind Walk

  • Basic attacks from clones against enemy heroes does X

  • Stacking benefits from hitting the same enemy hero

  • Hero takedowns permanently increase X Baseline quest to kill every enemy hero once (like hanzo's quest)

  • Add a burning aura to Samuro and his clones while Advancing Strikes is active

  • Clones can use W, dealing Samuro's crit damage and the other units deal clone damage

  • Clones persist for X second(s) after taking lethal damage

  • Bring back a 'hitting a hero from Wind Walk' type effect

  • When your health is critically low, gain X

  • Using Image Transmission while CC'd (and normally unable to, ie stunned) cleanses but does not swap

  • Increase X while clones are within X distance of you

  • After a clone is killed by an enemy hero increase X for X second(s)

  • Make his Movement speed buffs stack with each other, would bring a whole new playstyle and identity of him being able to chase down and kill those pesky high mobility heroes (plus he's already extremely hard to pin down and kill so the escape side of things won't really matter :P)

  • Rework "Way of the Illusion" into a talent (not quest) that makes it so Illusions give a CDR to Image Transmission when they hit heroes, not you have a talent that fits with it's name and distinctly stands out from the others


It's no secret this Heroic is currently comparable to a turd, so here's some ideas to fix/improve it

  • Make it interact with Critical Strike – every tick that hits an enemy (independently from how many) will charge his Crit meter just like a normal hit would, when the crit meter is full the next tick will be a critical one and as such will apply critical strike talents, including his level 7 tier (Burning Blade for an AoE wombo, Phantom Pain for single target elimination, Crushing Blows for just more crits), Merciless Strikes would also work (Wombo ultimate doesn't currently work with Wombo talent OMEGALUL)

I honestly feel like this is something that Bladestorm – regardless of current viablilty – sorely needs, it's amazing how little synergy it has with his talent tree, to the point of forcing Samuro into E build if he plans to pick it (a suicidal move if the current state of the hero is taken into account) as it is the only build that has synergy with it. My proposed change above would help it's viability a lot, even if high level Samuro is still forced into Illusion Master, at least that missclick won't automatically lose you the game.

Other ideas range from giving it an armor shred mechanic (every tick removes 1/2 armor for 1/2s, stacks with itself, reducing the CD, giving Samuro more defense during it and other changes, etc. If one thing is clear Blizzard, it is that this Heroic is in dire need of buffs

Illusion Master

One limitation that I'd like for you to consider when giving feedback is that I don't think we can get away with the common suggestion of making Illusion Master baseline. The first reason is that it would hugely increase the skill floor of the hero and make him almost impossibly difficult to approach for players who want to try him out since mastering Illusion Master would be required to play Samuro. The second reason is that we would need to create a new Heroic for him, and creating Heroics requires a whole lot of time and effort that would take away from other important places like new heroes or other important reworks.

Thing is, you also can't not make it baseline, because like it or not, Illusion Master is what best represents the core identity of the hero – a Three Card Monte. Without Illusion Master there is no illusion, all the real uniqueness of the hero is contained inside this Heroic, and while it's understandable that you don't want to screw over the new guy by making it baseline, not making it baseline screws over the players that already play and love this hero. So i propose a middle ground:

  • Make the image control part of Illusion Master baseline and re purpose the AI button:
    • When active (default) the images will behave like they do when Samuro is not level 10 yet – they will behave independently but Samuro can control them himself and override the AI commands, this would work as a good learning tool for new players by letting them practice the micro without running into the issue you mention above
    • When inactive, the images will behave as if you had picked Illusion Master, this is the mode for us, seasoned Illusion Master users that will fully utilize Samuro's micro capabilities

Coupled with this change, you would implement the image leash range that i mentioned. Then, if Illusion Master is selected, the leash range is removed and the CD is tweaked to what current day is. This would then shift the pickrates to mostly Bladestorm and leave Illusion Master as a niche but viable alternative for when Samuro is needed to fill a heavy macro duty.

I honestly hope Blizz can get something out of this and i hope they work with us to help bring Samuro to a good place. That said:

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
/u/BlizzAZJackson ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

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