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For every week that D.Va doesn’t get a balance patch or get reworked, I’m going to post 7 QoL or Balance adjustments. Week 1

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - For every week that D.Va doesn't get a balance patch or get reworked, I'm going to post 7 QoL or Balance adjustments. Week 1

It's been about a week, so I guess I'll put this up now.

Unlike last time, I won't be posting snippets of xml, and instead will be posting a link to a github repository for those that are interested. It made the post larger, and I didn't really like the look. In place of that, I'll be listing each change, and the reason for said change, and some other comments along the way.

  • D.Va Pilot Health increased from 1109 to 1140
  • D.Va Pilot Health Regeneration increased from 2.5664 to 2.6511

The primary goal is to offer some extra bulk here, but not so much that the Pilot properly becomes something able to take a lot of hits.

  • D.Va Pilot Basic Attack Damage reduced from 55 to 48(GGWP has been increased from 50% to 70% to compensate, going from 82.5 to 81.6)

This is technically two changes, and the primary reason for this change is that I'm concerned with the rest of the changes made to Pilot Mode(that I'll be posting about below) that the Pilot toolset is too diverse, and all of the other buffs may make the hero too strong(BTW, at 4 attacks a second, DPS is lowered from 220 to 198 at level 0). Still only treating it as one change, but GGWP may get looked at down the line

  • Bug Fix: GGWP now removes the Call Mech disabler when it activates

I'm sure anyone who picks this talent on the regular has been annoyed when you kill someone but can't call a mech cause your old one is exploding. I'm classifying this as a bug fix, so not counted in the 7.

  • Nuclear Option now also grants an active to cast Defense Matrix from the exploding mech as Pilot D.Va

This is to offer Pilot Mode D.Va a conditional way to use what I see as the hero's signature ability: Defense Matrix. Note that this is currently untalented, and also does not share cooldown in any fashion with the existing Defense Matrix. Changing that is relatively easy, and it'd also give D.Va a way to gain Self-Destruct charge while out of mech with Fusion Generator. Maybe for a later date?

  • Expensive Plating now also causes D.Va's Heroic Ability cooldown to be reduced by 3% each time she damages an enemy Hero with Non-Heroic Ability

I have this feeling that 3% is too powerful(this is a 2.25 second reduction for Bunny Hop, and a 0.12 second reduction for Big Shot), and the other factor of the talent may need to be adjusted in return, or this reduced to 2% or something like that. One thing that is worth bringing up is how that this functions as a synergistic talent with Crash Course, as Boosters being available more regularly will result in more Bunny Hop.

  • Suppressing Fire now also applies the slow from D.Va's Pilot Mode Abilities

Has anyone actually ever actually picked this talent? This makes Big Shot and Concussive Pulse stronger.

  • Concussive Pulse cooldown is now reduced by 1 second for each enemy Hero hit with it

Maybe those two things together will be enough to make it worth picking. Probably not, though.

  • D.Va can now see her current Self Destruct charge in her Pilot Mode, and Self Destruct charge can be clicked with RMB while holding ALT to announce your Self Destruct charge percent

Yes, this could be seen as two changes, but I'm bundling them together as they are related to each other. The implementation of the pilot counter is kind of hacky, but it all works out.

Unlike before, I'll also include a video that I didn't edit showcasing some stuff from this week, and some stuff from last week, which you can see here:

. Next week I'll probably change to short gifs alongside each change, or something like that.

Only one real bug fixed. I'll probably keep it that way as we don't want them crowding things out too much. Maybe next week I'll tackle that MEKAfall bug where if Self Destruct is ready when you call the mech, the energy bar doesn't display as full, but as empty. Or maybe I'll go for the Defense Matrix percent damage bug. Or maybe the Ablative Armor shield bug, or maybe… You get the picture. In any case, the first week was dedicated entirely to changes to the Mech form, and this week was pretty much entirely Pilot Form, so next week will probably be more of a mix, assuming Blizzard doesn't change D.Va in that time.

If Blizzard does patch D.Va within the next couple of months, I have another post of this sort that I'd like to do, "For every month that a hero has gone without a balance patch, they get 1 change". Kael'thas would be the hardest to come up with things for, as he's not had a balance patch in 20 months, and I've only really thought of maybe 2 things that'd be cool to see on him. Would people like to see that instead when the inevitable patch does hit?

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