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For every week that D.Va doesn’t get a balance patch or get reworked, I’m going to post 7 QoL or Balance adjustments. Week 3

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - For every week that D.Va doesn't get a balance patch or get reworked, I'm going to post 7 QoL or Balance adjustments. Week 3

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The cooldown increase might not be needed, but I figure because of the Crash Course buff in last week, let's nerf the base, and then also buff the other 1s to level things out. So those level 1 buffs are a big feature here. This damage bonus is additive, for those at home who wonder about those things.

I contemplated making it so that getting hit by a hero would increase this by 2 seconds too, just to try and keep some of the original "don't get hit" idea, but decided not to. I don't think this ends up being too strong, as hitting a full wave or 2 heroes ends up with the full cd.

Going over to additive damage bonus only really matters for the newly added minion damage bonus, and the to 75% helps level it out compared to buffed Rush Down and buffed Crash Course. Crit kickers are nice, and more things should have them.

Straight forward. There's lots of ways that could be gone with this, like setting it to 5 seconds, but decay all at once is another option, but ultimately I wanted something that was a more plain buff to it, and this does the trick. 3 seconds ended up feeling too long from a quick test, and 2.5 might be too, but every other 1 getting buffed means this probably needs a lil' help.

In previous weeks we've buffed Dazer Zone(extra slow for each hero hit) and Nuclear Option(castable defense matrix while destructing), so it's time this got something. I personally very rarely pick this.


The damage reduction part of it that happens when activation is still there – so if you take 500 damage at 200 health, you'll still have 200 health, but also gain unkillable for 3 seconds. The cooldown is a pretty drastic increase, going from 15 seconds to 75, but gaining Unkillable makes that worth it, I reckon. It's also worth noting that damage prevented by this still counts towards Self-Destruct charge – so if you take 3000 damage, but have unkillable with 1 hp left, you'll gain as much charge as taking 3000 damage. It's a bit complicated to fix this without a major rework of the Self-Destruct charge mechanic, and I kind of like this interaction, but its presence might mean this would be too strong. One of the notable things that this "fixes" is how Mephisto's level 20 Consume Souls upgrade will no longer kill your Mech, as with the current version of it the level 20 damage causes the shield to proc, and then the base Consume Souls damage destroys your shield and your remaining health, causing your mech to die in almost all scenarios, which definitely doesn't feel like intended design. Other abilities that deal damage twice would be affected similarly, but this was one that always stuck out to me.

From a mechanics functionality this works similar to > CD, as that's where I borrowed implementation from(require at least 2 heroic targets, only hit 1, which then affects the caster), but instead of reducing cooldown it extends behavior duration. It's probably worth noting that the cooldown of Bunny Hop only starts once Bunny Hop ends, rather than when it is first cast, unlike some other abilities in the game.

3 weeks down, at least 2 more to go, as I won't count PTR, and the next patch being due on the week of the 10th means a potential PTR on the week of the 3rd(assuming that's the D.Va rework patch), but it's entirely possible this could go on even longer, as it's all in Blizzard's hands, not mine.

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