Heroes of the Storm

For every week that D.Va doesn’t get a balance patch or get reworked, I’m going to post 7 QoL or Balance adjustments. Week 5

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - For every week that D.Va doesn't get a balance patch or get reworked, I'm going to post 7 QoL or Balance adjustments. Week 5

No patch just yet, so I guess it's time for another one of this.

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Previous Posts: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4.

I figure it's nice to know where you got what from. Defense Matrix and Bring It On are classed as "Bonus" because they also fall under taking damage.

Like above, nice to know how you are doing. Not really much else to say.

The "can active Self-Destruct while disabled" has always been present if it while Boosters were active, and rather than fix that bug(btw, it's a simple matter of removing the force ability enabler for Boosters), let's just make it part of the ability, and have a boon for when you do it. Consider this a way of making your mech not give XP, since I know some people are adamant that should happen.

This one isn't really great to showcase, but it's meant to bring Self-Destruct closer to what it was at launch where targets within 4 radius were dealt maximum damage. That was changed in the Anduin patch(undocumented) to use an accumulator, but it used the math of "from center of D.Va's Mech to center of enemy", and because the radius of a hero is where you can hit, it was extremely easy to have the minimum damage happen, and much harder to have the maximum damage happen, as you'd basically have to be a Sonya using Whirlwind inside of an exploding mech. It's still hard to get maximum damage, but the scale is much more friendly.

  • Bring It On bonus charge from taking damage increased from 30% to 40%

Yeah, this is a lazy change, but I felt it necessary to keep the talent in a competitive spot. It used to increase charge from 30% to 39%, now it increases it from 25% to 35%

Something a bit more outlandish. I had to keep in mind the previous week where you could big the upgrades to get the heroics, so this also updates the R tooltip prior to getting either of those heroics to say "gained at 10 or 20" for D.Va.

I've always liked the idea of rewarding holding onto your Self-Destruct, and now here's an idea for that.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a bug where Defense Matrix would grant additional Sef-Destruct charge when an enemy dealt percent damage to D.Va's mech while affected by Defense Matrix
Fixed a bug where MEKAfall would not spawn the mech with the appropriate amount of Energy(the bar you see under the hero's health)

Hoping for a D.Va change in the patch this week, as I'm basically out of spots I can put changes while obeying the rules I set myself at the start. Like I've got 5 things left I can actually do.

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