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For me, HotS Guilds is the most important remaining feature to be implemented

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - For me, HotS Guilds is the most important remaining feature to be implemented

I've been on this subreddit for years. I've seen all the common complaints: when will we get hero x? hero y is unbalanced, MMR is broken, QM is broken, tutorial is broken, smurfs ruin ranked, queues are too long, etc.

And I've had all those feelings or issues at one time or another, too.

But the greatest — and most consistent — problem I have had in HotS has been the same for years now: not having enough friends to queue up with.

Me not having friends to play with isn't Blizzard's fault, of course. many of my friends have lost interest over time, or moved to a different time zone, or have a different schedule now and can't play like they used to.

But good lord, is it difficult to find new people to play with. I need a Guild feature… NOW. I shouldn't be forced to scour reddit or discord or some other third-party service to find people to play with. let me find people in game — preferably in a Guild! i can't imagine any team-based game that is as bad as HotS in helping you find quality, equally skilled teammates. As of right now, we effectively have three (very unattractive) options if we don't use our friends list and they are all random:

  1. "looking for more," which does not screen based on MMR/level/anything else and uses whatever channel you're in to mash you with randoms. and in my experience, people who willingly use this feature do not understand the type of people (read: new and/or bad) you will likely get as teammates. in short, this is not a good way to make a winning team. trust me. i've tried it and can confirm that grouping people by which channel they happen to be in is… not a reliable way of forming fun/successful teams.

  2. "cold-calling" people in channels you're in. this amounts to stalking the people (who aren't desperate enough to hit the LFM box) in channel, viewing said targets' profiles, and then whispering them out of the blue. or you can shotgun and just announce in channel you're looking to make/join a team. either way, it usually sucks. making a ranked team from randoms in a channel is… a good way to lose a lot of ranked points if you don't immediately quit out of politeness (again, this is from experience). in addition, lots of people are away from keyboard or are understandably wary of joining a random who just happened to be in the same channel as them.

  3. queueing as a solo and then making a team with people after a good game (or adding them as friends). in my opinion, this is probably the best way to find friends. if you've had a good game — where teamwork was just clicking — it's nice to "add a friend" afterward. but it's hard to find good teammates after a single game and a lot is left to chance. and in addition, it takes a lot of effort to add friends this way, not to mention the fact that there's a high failure rate. i play in evenings and lots of times, people are logging off after the win. i may not see them again for days. or i may get rejected outright or never hear from them again.

all of this leads me to a single question — why can't we just get Guilds? so many other games (including other blizzard games) have them and it seems relatively easy to implement. i get that the cadence will be slower. but what about Guilds — you know, the thing that helps make teams in a team-based game?

my (perhaps unrealistic) hope is that guilds will open up access to like-minded and similarly scheduled people in a more expansive friends list. it will be like having access to my friends' friends. i'll be able to find people easier.

that's all i want. HotS is so much fun on so many levels, but you really need a team to enjoy that coordination and fun at the best levels.

okay, i had to get that off my chest.


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