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For the health and longevity of the game, would it be better to remove unranked and improve quickmatch significantly?

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - For the health and longevity of the game, would it be better to remove unranked and improve quickmatch significantly?

Please read to the end or at least the TL DR below.

From what I understand and can see, unranked is basically a dead mode in every region except NA and EU, and even in NA/EU, queues can be quite long.

That means that new players or people who don't want to play ranked for whatever reasons (e.g. playing with friends, not in the mood to tryhard, practising new heroes etc) all have to play quickmatch. In some minor regions, outside of peak hours, you can't get ranked games anyway, so many players are forced to either play quickmatch or quit. Combine that with the fact that quickmatch is the first experience for many new players that determines whether they continue playing or quit the game, and it is clear that high quickmatch game quality is quite important.

Quickmatch usually offers significantly lower quality games (stupid comps, imbalanced crap, 5-assassin clown shows etc). Part of that is caused by the fact that most players are casual. That's inevitable and unfixable and that's fine. But part of it is actually caused by the design of the mode itself. And that's not ideal at all.

My core point is this: the most-played mode should be capable of offering a good experience if the players want a more serious game. If the players are casual and want to mess around, that's fine, blizzard can't fix player attitude. But casual should be a player attitude, it shouldn't be inherent in the game design. And the fact that "casualness" is inbuilt into current quickmatch is a gigantic flaw in quickmatch.

What do I mean by inherent in game design vs player attitude? It is this:

Consider any mode with any kind of very basic drafting, not just in hots but in every single MOBA. At low levels of play or casual play, there will be plenty of players who don't give a damn about the draft. They pick whatever they want, they don't fill, they don't care, they troll in game, they miss everything because they're practising etc. And that's fine because every game has a casual playerbase. We cannot dismiss the casual playerbase.

However, imagine a bunch of people on a team want to have a higher quality game experience using these draft modes. Well they can too using the same draft mode! The same draft mode that is capable of delivering a casual experience for casuals, is equally capable of delivering a great game for players who want to play properly. In other words, the quality of the game is decided by the player, and it is not poor quality by default because of inherent game mode design limitations.

Now look at quickmatch. For starters, quickmatch involves so much RNG that it is unreal. You have no clue whether your hero will be hardcountered, you have no clue what map you will get, you have no clue what teammates you have, you don't know if you have a healer. You just pick. And then everything else is prayer to the gods of randomness to bless you. You want a higher quality game and are willing to fill? Sorry you still won't get a higher quality game because even if you pick a tank, chances are you'll get put in a game with 2 other tanks. Funny thing is, all 3 players who picked tank were willing to fill but none of them were given the chance to so they could have filled tank, healer and solo laner but instead they get a stupid crap 3-tank game with no healer.


Now I'm not saying quickmatch should have a draft mode. Although I would like that, it is unrealistic at this point to make such sweeping changes.

But what I would like in quickmatch, is for players (like me) who are willing to fill, and who actually want to give everyone in the game including myself, a better experience, what I would like is for us to have the ability to do so.

What I want is, when my team has a tank already I'm willing to play heal and if my tank has a heal I'm willing ot play tank. I don't want to queue as a tank and get 3 tank games and queue as a healer and get no tank games that's really stupid.

It's really as simple as this. If I'm willing to fill tank/healer/solo laner or whatever else the team needs based on the team comp and map and enemy comp, I should be allowed to. It gives my team a better game experience, it gives me a better game experience. I don't care if everyone else locks assassin that's fine with me. I want to fill a role that is needed for a better game experience. And IF everyone in the game feels like I do, then we have 5 players who are willing and prepared to build a sensible comp.

In the current state of quickmatch, you can have 5 players on your team, every single one of them willing to fill and willing to pick any hero or role that is needed for the team, and even then the game can STILL be a stupid 3 tank 1 healer 1 specialist game with 0 damage output because everyone were forced to make their picks blindly without knowledge of anything else. So that's why quickmatch in my view is really dumb, the casualness is ingrained into the system. Casual in quickmatch is no longer just a player attitude. It's a system handicap, even players willing to play proper games are completely unable to do so because of the system limitations.

Proposals to fix?

There have been tons of suggestions, ranging from allowing players to pick 2 "backup" heroes that they can switch to after seeing the map and comps.

Or allowing players willing to fill to go into a lobby without selecting a hero and select after seeing the map and comps (everyone else can pre-pick as per usual).

Or other proposals, there have been so many suggestions.

TL DR players willing to fill roles and heroes should be able to do so in quickmatch to give everyone a better match quality instead of being handicapped by the system and unable to do so

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