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Forced camera movement: the definitive analysis.

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - Forced camera movement: the definitive analysis.

Forced camera movement is imposed onto us more often than most realize, it is a mechanic itself, one that commands interaction–one could even argue that it has, accidentally, become one of the fundamental mechanics of the game because it is what makes some spells powerful and some spells weak.

Gorge and fear are the 2 principal examples that come to mind–when you are affected by them, your camera is locked forcefully with your character in the middle. In this case forced camera movement potentiates these spells because it creates disorientation while it is in effect, it makes it harder for you to correctly assess what is going on in the battlefield, and it also makes it impossible for you to land a skillshot the very instant the effect ends. I have no doubt that if forced camera movement were removed from these spells, their win rates would drop considerably.

Bunker and Portal are the two epitomes of FCM being detrimental for a spell–for the portal it's inconsistent, sometimes taking the portal moves your camera and sometimes it does not, it depends on the distance between the exit portal and the center of your camera and it also depends on how wide and how tall your monitor is. After more than 1k games on Medivh i can say without a doubt that this FCM is only detrimental for the portal and it is never helpful. The effect FCM has on the player remains the same as in the previous two examples: it creates disorientation and facilitates missing the skillshot immediately after it happens, which for Medivh's Q is crushing.


Bunker's FCM is even more detrimental in my experience than the portal's because it always happens no matter anything. After coming out of the bunker your camera will always be forcefully centered around your character. This means that if you want to leave the bunker and immediately land a skillshot, it's going to be harder than it should be. Many times i have seen alexstraszas place their circles where they didn't want to or anub'araks burrow themselves in the wrong direction imediately after leaving the bunker, which very often ends up with somebody dieing.

As you can see, FCM is a very powerful mechanic, it defines the effectiveness of many spells directly.

I have written countless times in favor of removing FCM from medivh's portals, but now i no longer think that would be sufficient. FCM must be removed from the game entirely, Medivh's portals must be reworked so that you can enter the closest one by clicking either and abilities made more powerful by FCM must be compensated in some way.

This change is long overdue, i have made parodies about how detrimental it would be to add FCM to genji's E in an effort to make obvious how bad it is for Medivh's portal, but to no avail. Can you imagine how difficult it would be to play the game if Genji's E centered the camera around him? how would you do the resets or land Shingan immediately after? That's what playing medivh feels like.

The only thing that i can ask is for the developers to go to the practice tool with medivh and try to land a Q on a dummy immediately after coming out of the portal. See how difficult it is, then try to do the same with BLaze's bunker.

Thank you very much for reading.

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