Heroes of the Storm

Forced Esport and Organic Effort

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Forced Esport and Organic Effort


  1. "enforced or compulsory" :*forced labor.*strained
  2. "unnatural, or affected:a forced smile."
  3. "subjected to
    force - Forced Esport and Organic Effort
    force. required by circumstances; emergency:a forced landing of an airplane."

1) No. Blizzard does not have a gun on you. Blizzard does not threaten to fire you for not watching their esports. Blizzard is not going to have your friends and family abandon you or demonize you if you don't watch their esports.

2)The HGC had a consistent regular amount of viewers that rival Valorant esports, a greater amount of viewers than many of other Blizzard's esports, and I suspect rivaled many other esports. Sure it wasn't a leading contender to not only be a fad, but it definitely had a regular community. And it's last culminating event at BlizzCon was a tremendous success, in comparison to its past events. It was still a growing game, nowhere at its peak potential, given that it's a strong product.

3)Blizzard had to abandon it because it was threatening to bankrupt the company. Nope. It wasn't an overnight success. Well how could it have been? MOBAs require a tremendous amount of skill investment, time, stress, emotional investment, and more. Many people have invested tons of money into their respective MOBAS as well. HoTs was never going to overtake LoL when it had a significant less time to solidify itself in the market. HoTs probably did the best it could have in terms of finance given the market and the targeted players. Given time, it could have been Blizzard's biggest cash cow and earned them over 1.75 billion dollars a year. Also, people would be far more likely to spend money on their other products. So nothing forced here as well. They just lacked vision, an understanding of their targeted customers, resilience, and more. So NOPE, not this type of forced as well.


  1. noting or pertaining to a class of chemical compounds that formerly comprised only those existing in or derived from plants or animals, but that now includes all other compounds of carbon.
  2. characteristic of, pertaining to, or derived from living
    organism - Forced Esport and Organic Effortorganisms:organic remains found in rocks.
  3. of or relating to an
    organ or the
    organ - Forced Esport and Organic Effort
    organs of an animal, plant, or fungus.
  4. of, relating to, or affecting living tissue:organic pathology.

5) Psychology. caused by neurochemical, neuroendocrinologic, structural, or other physical impairment or change: *organic disorder.*Compare functional (def. 5).

None of the definitions of organic match with what players use it for.

To grow naturally, without any stimulation. This is what players mean.

Furbies, Teeny Beanies, Spice Girls, Facebook, Apple, Samsung, Sony, spinners, etc. Some had instant success. Some took time to grow into giants. Some have became permanent cultural activities or platforms without any effort, some with some advertisement, and some with heavy advertisement. It's impossible to know how much advertisement or money into their product it took for them to get where they are or lose what they have formally had. But to say it required minimal effort or no effort is ridiculous. Every serious company advertise their products in one way or another. To say that HoTs should have taken the organic route in hindsight sounds wise. But is it really? It did what any other business would have done. Some people are genetically inclined to be more muscular or fat. Some people have to induce stimulation to change themselves physiologically. I don't understand where this double standard towards HoTs and other esports comes from. It is probably paranoia, but what is the legality of destroying a company's product via trolls? It's so easy.

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