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Frustrated – really rough season so far, what can I do? 30% WR mostly Bruiser (Xul, Leo, Cassia, Raynor)

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Frustrated - really rough season so far, what can I do? 30% WR mostly Bruiser (Xul, Leo, Cassia, Raynor)

Hi all – this is a bit of a vent but also just looking for help to improve my game experience. I'm not sure why, but this season has been really bad for me so far. Anyone else having consistently awful games?

I only have enough time to play ~10 games a week, and am usually mid-gold. I know I suck so it kind of is what it is, I'd like to climb a bit more but being limited with my playing time I'm not sure how realistic that is. However, this season I have dropped to Silver 4 (almost 5) amongst crazy losing streaks, smurfs, and 5 stacks. I went through my match history and out of 30 games so far this season, I've won 10. 11 of those games had a smurf. In at least 5 of those cases I have confirmed it was a smurf by messaging them after the game and asking. Two were masters players that said they were bored and wanted to find games faster, and two others were mid plat and created smurfs to play with friends. Additionally, 8 of the 30 games I played against 5 stacks. In most cases they were fairly well coordinated and I messaged several after the games who said they were in comms. In total, 16 of the 30 games had either a smurf or a 5 stack (or both). Along with all the normal instalock Azmo, Murky, Genji etc crap that happens in Silver and Gold I am pretty much at my wits end with this.


I don't have the data from other seasons, but it seems like this season I am playing against obvious smurfs or 5 stacks and feel like more often than not the games are just frustrating, no fun stomps. One game in fact ended in 5 minutes because the team imploded when a Li – Ming refused to play (she got booted for AFK but then came back and ran around a keep until the game was over). Its not very motivating to continue to play when its a coin flip as to whether or not you will even get an evenly matched game let alone a win. I think I wouldn't be as salty if it felt like more of the games were winnable.. but after playing for four days in a row without a win (2-3 games a night), I just… I dunno, the game can be extremely fun when a match is super close and someone makes a clutch play, etc.. HGC (while it was on) and CCL have been fun to watch, but… I'm wondering if it just isn't worth my time anymore. If I don't have that much time to play, and this is what the games are going to be like, I should probably just do something else with my time.

I've tried to take Grubby et als advice and focus on heroes with strong wave clear and that can fill multiple roles. So I've mainly played Xul, Leo, Cassia, and Raynor. They say just focus on wave clear and you can ride that to plat like its easy… but if you don't have a chance to win 50% of your games due to 5 stacks or smurfs, is that really even possible?

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