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Funniest Trolls/Flamers you’ve dealt with?

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Funniest Trolls/Flamers you've dealt with?

Had a fun/weird interaction with someone who was clearly tilted yesterday:

Loaded up Battlefield of Eternity on SL and we ended up locking: Anduin, DW, Artanis, ETC(me) and a ranged DPS. The enemy team had Muradin, Lunara, Medic, Xul and Ming. Also for context I tend to be around 60% winrate with ETC in high Plat/Low Diamond

Up until 10 it was fairly even and we won the first immortal. I took mosh (which I realized was dumb given the 3 disrupts) as we discussed in draft have ETC get lightbombed and ETC mosh. So as predicted we slowly start to fall apart, xul is taking all our towers and the team gets frustrated. The turning point was when one of our team members mentions "Wow…I haven't seen ONE mosh yet". 2 other team member turn the flaming to me and we slowly lose the game. For the next 3 minutes DW just flames me regardless if I make the right play or not.

So typically I never mute chat, nor do I feed into the toxicity so I just sit there in silence take the beating, keep playing and hope I don't load the game up with them next game. Just as our core goes down our DW tells me "Never ETC Again!…Log out, because if I load up with you I will throw". I broke my rule and responded "Sure bud. Just for you :)". Game ends and instead of what I normally would do I try to instaload the game in the hopes he'll be on the enemy team.

Well like HOTS always does I load up the next game with him on my team. Within seconds he starts blasting the chat with:

"I told you (Username) to log out. You didn't and I warned you." followed by "Sorry team I'm throwing".


He insta locks DVA first and continues to flame. I just let the team know "I'm not going to troll or throw the game. Lets give it a try and win." Then the magic moment happened that just made me laugh…

"Why won't you defend yourself? Who the fck doesn't defend themselves!? Watch him throw this game for us…"* I can't recall all of the chat but he just wouldn't let it go and was MORE pissed that I refused to feed into it.

I'll give him this, he did try during the game but ended up being our weakest link. By the end of the game the rest of the team was starting to flame him for 9 deaths as DVA (While he evidently WAS trying not to throw and said in the beginning of the match that it was his "fun hero") and he was confused on why he was being blamed.

Likely didn't help that he had lost 6 in a row that same night before loading my game with him.

TLDR: Guy got tilted took it out on me. Threatened to throw the next game if I loaded up on his team. Loaded up on his team then went on a tirade about how it was my fault because I refused to "Defend myself" when he was being a dick. Proceeded to make us lose the next game and was confused when people flamed him back for being the weak link on the team **

Not gonna lie sometimes I don't mind someone who goes full troll/tilted because I can visualize them screaming at there monitor. It's like when someones pissed off on the road and you see them yelling in there car and you can't hear any of it. Smile and wave and watch them lose it even more. Kill them with kindness.

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