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Gazlowe and The Salvager Curse? + Balance & Rework Ideas

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Gazlowe and The Salvager Curse? + Balance & Rework Ideas

I've adored Gaz and the clunkiness of his kit from launch. However, said clunkiness can seem too much for those not understand him… and even those who do. Is Salvager part of his identity, or a resilient design issue?

Salvager does two great things. One, it gives an incentive for this slow zoner to risk collecting it. Two, it makes the Turrets on which he relies more forgiving if he needs to move, giving back mana and cd.

That's great! But what about affecting W and E cds as well? Well, this means these two must be a bit too clunky. I think it's more a relic of the past that stuck around.

But would we miss something iconic for Gaz? I'd rather fewer but more reliable Ws and Es myself. I can do without spamming Qs (in base) to recharge my heroic. And although strategic in a sense, sacrificing Qs for Lazor poke or more Xplodium zoning means wasting your Turrets instead of seeking optimal use.

It might be best that Salvager only reduced Turret cd, replaced with another bonus so they don't become meaningless. Lazor and Explodium would be buffed, and alongside Heroics have lower cds. More on that at the bottom.

Balance & Simpler Ideas

No Salvager cd talk yet. Mostly buffs for weaker talents to match better ones. Basic attacks and zoning are buffed baseline, but power is removed from Robo and X-Tra Large Bombs. After this Gaz would probably get minor generic nerfs.

Extra note: Goblin Repairs is likely worse than Regen Master at 30+globes. Extra 10 Regen needs 50 sec to catch up to 500 bonus health. Being his best lvl1 talent, although skewed thanks to an overtuned Robo, suggests this tier's a bit weak.

?hero=Gazlowe&timeframe type=minor&timeframe=,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,2.44.0 - Gazlowe and The Salvager Curse? + Balance & Rework Ideas

Master/Diamond SL statistics for reference. On imgur as well. Rework thoughts and popularity aside, he's in a great spot.


  • Basic Attack damage increased from 95 to 105.

Xplodium Charge

  • Radius increased by 10%. Keep in mind all heroes got a 10% speed bonus. Could increase range too.


  • Bonus reduced from 100% to 80%. With the base buff, 189 down from 190. Nerfs Robo-Goblin without nefing damage.

Scrap-o-Matic Smelter

  • Bonus mana reduced from 100% to 50%, but includes Break it Down!'s cd reduction. Simple buff! Great with D talents.

Break it Down!

  • New Functionality: If Gazlowe would lose more than 8% of his maximum Health at once, reduce that damage by 50% and drop Scrap. Can occur once every 10 seconds. See Blessed Recovery. Kind of a Block variant, too.

Ark Reaktor

  • Also reduces the mana cost of Xplodium Charge by 20. This helps a full, mana-hungry E build.

Hyperfocus Coils

  • Recharge bonus from 100% faster to 1.5 sec flat. See Goblin Fusion below.
  • Added: Reduces cooldown by 3 seconds if at least 3 enemy Heroes are hit. Fitting bonus for THE multi-hit ability.

Goblin Fusion

  • Required bonus charge time reduced from 1 to .5 seconds. Same as with Hyperfocus Coils now, less reliant on it.

X-Tra Large Bombs

  • Radius increase reduced from 30 to 20%. Making up for baseline buff.
  • Also increases range by 20%. Making up for talent nerf.


  • Basic Attack Bonus reduced from 100% to 80%. That's just a nerf, a needed one.

Rework & Stranger Ideas

Food for thought. Don't take too seriously.

  • Basic Attack range increased by 25%. As with Artanis on the 15/12/2015 Patch. Since Gazlowe moves around his Turrets a lot this might be fitting.
  • Salvager giving no/less reduction to W & E, none to heroics, but grants 10 Armor while active. In response, W & E get lower cooldowns, with .5 seconds less charge for W, .5 lower delay and stun duration for E. Robo would get cd reduction from basic attacks vs Heroes, and Grav-O-Bomb from E hits, maybe also Ws that hit at least 3 heroes.
  • Rock-it! Turret duration reduced, but basic attacks increase the duration of nearby Turrets.
  • Xplodium Charge disabling structures for 1.5 seconds. More one-man wrecking crew flavor!
  • Extra TNT removing stuns from allied Heroes.
  • It's Raining Scrap passively granting 10% Movement Speed, probably with a cd increase.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle losing randomness, no longer generating Scrap. Instead, increases the healing of Regeneration Globes and they count as collecting Scrap.
  • New Active: Explosive Kit – While on, halves the damage, delay, stun, cooldown and mana cost of Xplodium Charge.
  • New lvl7 Talent:
    Rocket Jump Activate to leap to a Rock-It! Turret. Basic Attacking an enemy Hero within 5 seconds reduces the cooldown to 5 seconds. 30 sec Cooldown.
  • New lvl20 Talent: Pocket Factory – Activate to summon three mini Gazlowes with 60% Basic Attack damage and Movement Speed. They explode shortly after death, damaging and stunning nearby enemies.

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