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Gazlowe is Fine Now, and How to Fight Against Him or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Weekend Quarantine

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - Gazlowe is Fine Now, and How to Fight Against Him or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Weekend Quarantine

Been seeing lots of kneejerk posts calling for buffs to Gazlowe. I've played Gaz for a long, long time. He's my main character, and I love him bunches. He's fine.

I'm so glad the patch of January 2019 finally came through for Gaz and reduced the cooldown of It's Raining Scrap. It was really unexpected, and it made him more competitive in all facets of the game.

He's fine. What's happening is that players have never actually played twelve thousand games with Gaz before. Pre-Patch, Gaz had lots of pitfalls baked into his kit. No escapes, no self-sustain, a laser that self-roots him for three seconds while you pray the enemy ignores him. Everyone's like, wtf is this shit hero?

As I'm playing Gaz, I'm watching tons of people act like I'm not a threat. This was always the case pre-patch, and I wanted to punish them for it. Everyone acts like Gaz is just killing minions off on the side. I wanted to murder these people then, I want to murder these people now. Take Gaz seriously. If you're coming on here to complain about Gaz, it means you aren't taking Gaz seriously as a character. You're stuck in "lul Gaz kills minions" mode. Wake up. Treat Gaz as a serious threat. He always was, you've just never experienced it.

Gaz is a hard engage, all-in character. He loses a ton of power one millimetre away from his face, as you probably know. He wants to bait you towards a bush and dump his whole kit into your soul, and if you stand in front of him for 6 seconds, he might eventually kill you. If he does, you won't even believe it. This wouldn't be different from complaining about those tower shots you ate after you overextend with Genji and got rolled.


Gaz has a stun on a 2.5 second timer. If you walked up to an Uther and then bitched about getting stunned people would treat you like an idiot. For some reason, you walk up to Gaz, and act all surprised and shocked when he throws out his most powerful tool, I'm supposed to take you seriously. If you get up into Gaz's face, you will get rooted after 2.5 seconds. This shouldn't be surprising to many of you, but it seems to actually be the case.

Gaz's mobility is in the trash can. When I play against Gaz I exploit this hard and I win. Gaz has trashcan autoattack range, and zero movement skills. Everything he has banks on the idea that you're getting close enough to him so he can apply a root after 2.5 seconds, or a 20% slow. Just don't. I don't know why this is really hard for ranged assassins to get, but it really does seem really hard for them to grasp. I literally walk up to Valla's who stand their ground thinking "I'll just burn him down it's just a pathetic who gives a shit Gaz." And then I maul them with the buzzsaws, like I always did. Just stay at Raynor range and fuck Gaz up. He can't do anything about it.

Gaz is a threat. He always was. You just never met him, because twelve-year-olds with internet connections make him look bad, and you should know better. Stop pretending Gaz isn't a powerful threat, and hold still for 2.5 seconds, dammit.

I respect Gaz. You don't. Start.

edit: don't freak out people, it's just a spoof.

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