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Gazlowe Rework Part 2 – Embrace the New!… + Couple Concerns

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Gazlowe Rework Part 2 – Embrace the New!... + Couple Concerns

I wrote about the problems of Gazlowe's old kit here (and scrapped the 'dawn' in the title), especially the old trait. There's a lot he can't get anymore. Passive Regen, titanic Lazorz, Mosh Pits, a speed boost to land a couple decisive punches or flee.

Such drastic reworks remove and add a lot of stuff, leaving the hero very different. And that's what this thread is about. How new things work, and more importantly, why they work this way.

For all the things Gazlowe loses, a major point is he's finally a complete hero baseline. Whenever he shoved a ton of power in one thing, he left others feeling lackluster.

Not all decisions are perfect, balance will be a mess for a while. But the ideas are genius! Behind every bold, even alienating choice, is a whole lotta planning on hero identity, themes, talent diversity etc.

Core Improvements

Basic Attacks from your mech buddy are more usable thanks to healing and extra health.

Rock-It! Turrets got nerfed in favor of W&E, which were barely a factor in duels unless talented. Also allows Turrets to get better talents (see new vs old Superior Schematics).

Deth Lazor trades its immense potential size for a reliable beam that heals you, making multi-hits that much more rewarding. No talent dependency making it feel broken baseline.

Xplodium Charge CAN HIT PEOPLE. It's no longer just waveclear early on, nor pretty meh zoning without Xtra Large Bombs. Yep, also talent-dependent. Add the 0 mana and lessened gravo reliance, you’ll bomb much more for zoning and followups, instead of avoiding them for mana or Gravo's sake.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is about just your turrets, with far more interactive talents.

Robo-Goblin is damn smart. It's designed to avoid attack talent synergy, notably aa speed, freeing it and these talents from being balanced around each other. Removing speed limits Gazlowe's escape & engage, conserving his weaknesses and also making it less of a must-pick for aa builds. Indomitable Unstoppable suits the giant mech, and being proactive to cc can lead to big plays.

Grav-O-Bomb 3000 further pushes a mage direction with ability damage, which akin to Chromie’s Temporal Loop giving cd reduction, makes it less about a single combo. The old bomb build was mana hungry and unreliable, its power lying in combo potential. Mosh Pit with extra steps ain't healthy.


Devs now create much more dynamic, condensed talents with better build diversity.

  • Talents interacting with enemy Heroes, having bigger rewards for bigger risk. Again, think about the old Salvager talents and having to punch mercs and minions hundreds of times for CS Fists.
  • Talents with multiple aspects, like Overload and Overcharged Capacitors.
  • Multi-ability talents, especially Master Blaster. This includes talents that boost 2 or more abilities, like Hyperfocus Coils, or ones that cause abilities to benefit others, like Goblin Fusion.
  • Restrained synergy (see Robo above) and ensuring no parts of your kit are neglected. For instance, Overcharged Capacitors is mage-focused, but benefits from basic attacks as well.

Smart n’ Beautiful Functions

  • The full basic attack build has a GENIUS theme of charging your mech with your attacks to gain damage, speed and shields, fueling a madman running around smackin' people. Whereas old Robo had more of a 'click to briefly turn on' function.
  • No mana is sooo freeing, especially for laning and camps. Even rewards good zoning, as outlasting your enemies leaves their mana drained. Misplacing two Turrets used to be an easy 80 mana gone.
  • Rocket Boots has a much fairer balance than old Ark Reaktor when it comes to bombing Heroes.
  • Goblin Fusion and Overload give the juicy Deth Lazor the ‘per hero hit’ bonuses it sorely missed.
  • Master Blaster is way more engaging than Engine Gunk.
  • Rocket Boots has a much fairer balance than old Ark Reaktor when it comes to bombing Heroes.
  • Speed tied to dealing damage with bombs or autos retains Gazlowe's engage/escape weaknesses, especially with Robo not giving speed. When he's in the zone, he has to defend it!
  • Frantic talents like Overload, Ark Reaktor, Bomb Toss and It’s Raining Scrap.
  • Easier for allies to follow a Gravo that goes off sooner, easier to use as it's less bomb-reliant.
  • Firin' Mah Lazorz makes for a mean Gravo combo, and has every 7 talent to consider.

Preliminary Concerns and Bomb Tosses

Being unable to get speed on demand or have quick, huge 50% slow Lazors limits your engage and escapes further. You really stick to your zone. IF speed is really needed, it could be added some other way. Maybe get some after casting Xplodium, or upon activating your Heroic so both have it.

Scrap regenerates slowly without talents, and might turn Turrets from way-too-good with meh talents to way-too-strong and talent-reliant. On scrap talents, that is. IF that's too much of an issue, part of Big Game Hunter could become baseline. Like, reduce your trait cd by 1 sec with attacks vs Heroes.

Positive Reinforcement isn't a 'Turret' talent at all. What IF it got nerfed, but also caused your basic attacks to increase the attack speed of Turrets. I won't think about it too much.

Then, Bomb Toss. Handy vs retreating/defending enemies, rounds 'em up for a Lazor and bombs big structures two more times, some weird thinking involving Gravo…. heckuva niche talent, on 20 no less.

And the name, eh. I've always had Mad(est) Bomber in mind for such a thing, personally!

Imma assume there's no IF here, so, idea toss. Spawn the bombs sooner. Spawn one/two extra bombs opposite in a triangle/square. Reintroduce bombs falling after you get cced, adding a defensive option for melee builds. Have the bombs toss another at the position of the first. Boost Lazor range or add a Bomb at its end. Reduce Lazor & Heroic cd if a Hero is hit. Spawn Scrap at each bomb, two if they hit Heroes.

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    This is awful.
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    Nothing is stated is accurate.
    80% damage loss.

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    this guy dont have a clue…
    new gazlowe is TRASH

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