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General rant about anomalies

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - General rant about anomalies

TL;DR: I don't enjoy acclimating to a new anomaly every three month or so.

First, about me: Low diamond, playing continuesly since closed beta, but the amount of games I play vary greatly between seasons, with the curent one probably hitting an all time low.

Like the title suggests I'm refering to the very concept of anomalies, and not any specific one (though I will go over all three). I would like to stress that this post only reflects my own personal feelings on the matter.

First, a summary of the anomalies so far:

  1. Experience globes came into the nexus with much concern and negative backlash. It introduces a massive change to the experience system which affected the very core of the game. Only two weeks after it's launch (three including ptr release) the devs implemented a major change to the anomaly- last hitting minions would now award experience directly instead of dropping globes. This change was in accordance with what the community at large has suggested ever since the anomaly was revealed. Following that, reception of the anomaly was generally positive, and it saw little change apart from some quality of life tweaks.
  2. Compared to the experience globes, the turrets anomaly remains somewhat controversial to this day. Following it's release, it was so overtuned people just stopped pushing with map objectives and diving under towers all together. It's power was reduced time and time again during the (relatively short) second season, all the way to it's current, rather weak, iteration in season three. In some aspects turrets are even weaker now than before the anomaly, with the former slowing effect of keeps and forts being objectively stronger in situations were a fight occurs under the turret with minions present.
  3. Enter the weather anomaly. Having only being introduced recently, this anomaly has yet to see any changes made to it. The performance issure is not gameplay related and obviously not an intended effect, so I'll skip it. I do want to point out something that went relatively under the community radar. While this is the least game impacting anomaly, it's also the most asymmetrical, in the sense that it's effecting heroes differently. Of course, the first two anomalies did impact several heroes more than others, for example Abathur bush soaking and Anub'arak tower diving utilizing scarabs to soak shots. However, this anomaly is far wackier: stealth heroes barely gain anything from fog, snow mostly hurting burst damage heroes, storm alowing heroes with bad wave clear to negate some of their weakness, storm giving away stealth heroes' location and more.

After this lengthy introduction, here is my main point. With each season since the introduction of the anomlies, I feel a growing lack of will to learn and adjust to the changes. The experience anomaly was the least problematic: it was the first, it's purpose was obvious and widely accepted as important, the issue of last hitting minions was addressed quickly by the devs and since it was a rather long season, there was a long period of stability.


The second anomaly was overbearing at first, but then nerfed again and again over 2 month or so. Forget about adjusting to it, at one particular patch I failed to notice one of the changes (the damage nerf in patch 2.50.1). While it wasn't anything big, I was quite stunned upon realizing this (with the next patch, thanks to Nerf This article) because I really made an effort to closely follow all the changes being made to the anomaly.

Lastly, the weather anomaly. While not being as game changing as the first two, it also has the most aspects and effects, not to mention it's diffetent impact on different heroes. I find myself thinking why do I even need to acclimate to an anomaly which serves no obvious purpose. It does not feel "fresh" to me, just tiring, and thinking this process will continue with each new season I find myself feeling somewhat dispirited.

If you've made it this far, thank you for reading this! It turned out quite long because I don't care for complaining just for the sake of it, so I felt I needed to establish my claims. Please share your own thoughts in regard to the concept of anomalies.

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