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Genji is still sitting at a 40% winrate

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Genji is still sitting at a 40% winrate

To nobody's surprise, genji is still sitting a a 40% winrate. In fact, according to heroesprofile his winrate dropped since the previous patch

The trait nerf (15s to 20s cooldown) really needs to be reverted.

Also, why was double jump removed? Couldn't the new talent Way of the Shimada be added as a 4th option? Why remove the playstyles of some genji players?

Benefits of reverting the trait nerf:

  1. E build + dragonstrike genjis (aka the majority of genjis before this patch) can actually enjoy the tiny 55hp buff, without a corresponding trait nerf that hurts genji 3x more than that buff helps him
  2. Keep genji's unique identity of having mobility. This point has been repeated so many times by so many people. Double jump was already removed which tones down his mobility. The trait nerf is too much. If you nerf or remove genji's mobility, and buff him by buffing base stats, you will end up with another raynor/valla/greymane.
    1. Genji is the only unique assassin in the game who contributes outside of teamfights by harassing enemy heroes (somewhat like Lucio), instead of directly contributing to macro by waveclearing and mercing (which is what 99% of all the other assassins do). Nerfing his mobility and safety so much hurts this playstyle and pushes him towards being another generic assassin
  3. Did blizzard even consider the impact of the trait nerf on talents like shuriken mastery (refund 2 charges of shuriken after jumping) and pathfinder (jumping over terrain gives movespeed)? These talents were already NERFED HARD by the removal of double jump, combined with the trait nerf they just become ridiculously bad.
  4. Why is blizzard pushing for agile dismount so hard and making it a must-pick and a must-use? That talent is horribly designed. It forces genji to constantly engage with his trait instead of with his E. So it just strips genji of decision-making, genji is forced to engage with his trait all the time, otherwise it is put on a 20-second cooldown instead of 6-second cooldown. 20 seconds is WAY too long for his baseline trait cooldown. The usage of agile dismount is horribly 1-dimensional, and void of decision-making



  1. Merge the double jump talent with pathfinder so it reads:
    1. Jumping over terrain with Cyber Agility increases Genji's Movement Speed by 25% for 6 seconds. Cyber Agility now stores 2 charges
  2. OR Give the double jump talent as a 4th option on level 13, alongside the new talent.
    1. I don't know why it seems like the current dev team is so deathly afraid of trying to balance 4 talents per tier instead of 3, and would rather destroy entire playstyles and talent builds of dedicated players rather than try to give players more options on a talent tier.
  3. Cyber Agility cooldown reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds (revert the nerf)
  4. Plus a look at all other genji talents that are generally not performing well, that people have posted in other threads and I will not repeat here.

I doubt all these changes would put genji over 45% winrate, but at this point, I'd be happy to settle for a sub-45% genji winrate that is actually mobile, unique and fun to play.

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