Heroes of the Storm

Get your daily doses of horrible match making while it’s HOTS!

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Get your daily doses of horrible match making while it's HOTS!

My Team ___________________________________________________ Enemy team
Medivh level 31 ______________________________________ Butcher 775
Deckard level 38 _____________________________________ Qhira 228
Jaina level 41 _________________________________________ Whitemane 776
Hanzo level 352_______________________________________Cassia 395
Maiev level 280_______________________________________ Orphea 1392
(The Hanzo stayed in bottom lane all game and ignored objectives, team fights, defending, didn't get any structures you name it. Was also over extended and fed butcher by getting ganked often.)

Lets break this down a bit shall we. Just FYI everything here is in the context of QM.

  • The extremely low level players on my team were not smurfs. They were genuinely new and fed terribly.
  • If you look up the W/L stats for this Quickmatch my team has 4 of the lowest win rate characters. 3 of them being from 42% to 44% WR. While the enemy team has most above 50% with butcher being 2nd highest possible at 56.75% WR. 2 of the most dominating pub stomp characters paired together in QM. Butcher and Qhira.
  • The experience gap obviously working against us and favoring the enemy team.
  • Our team has heroes that require you to be very skilled to be baseline effective. The enemy team has the easiest low skill cap heroes some of which easily snowball. Combine new players with high skill cap heroes that require lots of time and effort and what do you get? Loss. Enemy team now. Very experienced players on brain dead easy heroes. Easy win.
  • Butcher, Qhira, and Orphea have self heals and plenty of survivability. Butcher and Qhira in particular have tons of self sustain. None of our characters self heal and most of them have no reliable escapes should they be focused down by butcher or Qhira. Several of our characters are hard countered by theirs, as if the other factors weren't enough.
  • The big map (Garden of terror) was also a very poor choice by the match maker for our comp vs theirs. Forced team fighting far away from towers means deckard and jaina in this scenario feed.

All of this working against us. In game enemy team 5 manned mid at the start as most players usually do in QM. Medivh sat in the bushes as a bird and the entire game he was basically just a playable ward. Sometimes he would go into human form to auto attack a 5 man group then die. The Jaina frequently overextended; dove in and fed. The hanzo was never in the fight or at objective. This match was basically Deckard and maiev vs 5 heroes most of which thrive in this scenario.


No matter which way you slice it, this was a forced loss and the match making was as it usually is, terrible. I wouldn't be upset if this happened once in a while but it is every single day. Usually, several games a day (30%-50% of them). Where it's a completely irredeemable stomp… decided before the match even begins. Surprisingly no disconnects this match however that seems interchangeable. Sometimes you'll get teamed with players above 200 (Enough to understand the game and the characters you fight against) and despite your comp being countered, having high skill cap heroes and having a bad map for your team well then… 1-2 afk's or disconnects. Disconnects on heroes where the ai is terrible. Or ***holes who afk in base then reconnect again only to afk more.

it's frustrating when your Win loss on a character is out of your control for some matches no matter how good you are. Because of how completely one sided some matches are like everything i described above. Blizzards idea of balance is forcing losses and forcing wins an equal amount. Maybe once a day I'll get a semi reasonable balanced match.

P.S. I did further in depth analysis on "forced loss" games. By checking the player characters stats on everyone in that match. In those matches our team had players using characters where their win loss is between 30% and 45% and abyssmal K/D ratios. Maybe we will have 1 above 50% and 3.0. While the enemy team has 45-70% WR on their heroes and 3.0 or above K/D ratio. Maybe they have one below 45%. For anyone who is into data analytics i suggest you look into this data source as well. If you have the time (and will) you can record this data for your next 20 games and see at greater depth just how horrible the mm in this game is.

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