Heroes of the Storm

Give the developers constructive feedback on core game issues

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Give the developers constructive feedback on core game issues

The current proposed changes are getting tore apart by the community here. There is no constructive feedback besides it being terrible and why it is bad. None actually address the current issues are the developers are trying to solve.

Current Core Game Issues:

  • Winning team can passive soak at forts

  • Objective style maps can't be balanced around XP/Talent lead

Winning Team can passive soak at forts

This is the game design flaw that is trying to be solved by the catapult changes. I give props to the developers for trying to solve this issue since it is gone pretty much unnoticed by the community here.

Currently if you take a fort first most likely you are in the lead in XP and possible a talent. The optimum way to play the lane out now is to let the lane push to your fort wall and freeze the lane.

This will deny xp from the losing team unless they come all the way to your fort wall to gather the xp. This is a game breaking issue. It can't be left this way. The developers came up with the idea of every 3rd wave sending catapults.

What are your ideas on fixing this core issue???


Objective style maps can't be balanced around XP/Talent lead

Last years changes removed ammo, added stealing globes, and buffed minion damage. The issue was with the buffed minions the first objective always took a fort. This gave a huge xp advantage to the winning team and would always lead to 10 v 8 for second objective and it was common to win off 2nd objective.

After some number tweaks we ended up where we are now which is slightly better than the 10v8 2nd objective win games. Objectives have to be balanced around not giving too much XP in order to avoid a team getting 10 before the losing team.

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This objective vs XP lead tug of war is impossible to balance. Any small changes made will ruin the balance and destroy the game. After removing XP the developers will have a lot more options to change maps/design issues without breaking the game.

What are your suggestions on changes besides XP removal that can fix this game design issue?

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