Heroes of the Storm

Giving thanks to this community

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Giving thanks to this community

Hello all, I’m Tim Rizzo a reporter with InvenGlobal who wanted to give thanks to the community who has provided me with so much over the years.

I first covered Heroes esports about three years ago with the Heroes of the Dorm event for ESPN. Soon after, I took a break from esports reporting to cover traditional news and it was, as expected, boring.

A little over a year ago I returned to the Heroes scene and you all have welcomed, engaged and supported me with open arms.

It’s been an absolute honor and dream to report on a game so close to my heart and with a community who is tighter than any game I’ve been apart of.


To all pro player, casters, admins, tournament organizers, Blizzard employees, community members, readers, supporters, Redditors and haters who have chosen to click on my stories, follow me on Twitter (@TimRizzo), engage in the comment’s section and leave encouraging or critical feedback…thank you.

I live my dream job everyday as a result and don’t plan on stopping.

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