Heroes of the Storm

Gold Series Heroes League 2019 Season 1 Qualifiers start on 18 March

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Gold Series Heroes League 2019 Season 1 Qualifiers start on 18 March



The registration of the first season of the 2019 Golden Storm League held by NetEase and Blizzard ended on March 5th. After the staff confirmed the communication with the team leader, in this competition, there will be 162 teams competing in the time and space hub!

Team pair array table

The staff recently contacted the captains of all the registration teams to communicate and confirm the final qualifications. The number of teams that confirmed the competition was 162. You can here view details against a list

Golden Storm League schedule

Pre-selection stage

  • 162 teams compete in the Bo3 single defeat tournament and compete for 32 teams.
  • According to the registration deadline (March 5), the player’s entry account ladder points,

First round of the qualifier (162 to 128)

  • Ranked 95-162 teams, ranking 1-94 teams in the air,
  • Bo3 single defeat knockout, the winning team advances to the top 128.

Second round of the qualifier (128 in 32)

  • 128 teams are divided into 32 groups, each with 4 teams.
  • Among the 4 teams in each group, 1 draws from 1-32, 1 draws from 33-64, and 2 draws from 65-128.
  • The Bo3 single defeated the elimination team, and eventually won the team in each group and won 32 teams in the race.

The first stage of the regular season (32 in 8)

  • The 32 teams will regroup the lottery.
  • The 32 teams will be divided into 4 groups for the Bo3 team double defeat knockout, and the top 2 teams in each group advanced to the second stage of the regular season.

The second stage of the regular season (8 in 4)

  • Eight teams compete in the Bo2 Double Cycle, and the top four points advanced to the playoffs.


  • Four teams came to Shanghai to play Bo5 bubbling Stepladder? Single/Double Elimination?

Event bonus

The 2019 Golden Storm League tournament prizes are as follows:

1st place ¥200,000

2nd place ¥120,000

3rd Place ¥80,000

4th place ¥40,000

5-8th places ¥20,000

9-16th places ¥4,000

17-32th places: Each player receives an in-game 3750 gem award

Pre-selection stage finish awardEach player who wins a Bo3 match wins an in-game 250 gem bonus

Completion rewards: It is important to note that the finish awards can only be won if your team does not have any abandonment or irregular behavior. All players must follow the specifications of the Golden Storm League player manual

The first season of the 2019 Golden Storm League will start on March 18th, and I wish all team players to achieve good results in the competition! Which team can stand out from the 162 teams? Stay tuned!

Also some info from player manual:

The map pool will be same as HGC 2018.

A team may consist of up to 3 non-chinese players, the team captain must be from China.

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