Heroes of the Storm

Good and bad maps for heroes A to Z

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - Good and bad maps for heroes A to Z

This is based on the winrates listed on https://www.heroesprofile.com/Global/Hero/Maps/

How this works:

Good maps are maps in which the hero performs exceptionally well

Lt. Morales has a significantly high winrate in Braxis Holdout compared to other maps

Bad maps are maps in which the hero performs worse than in other maps

Diablo has a significantly low winrate in Hanamura Temple compared to other maps

Some heroes perform about the same in all the maps

Muradin's winrates indicate that he doesn't have significantly good nor bad maps


Abathur: bad- dragon, braxis, battlefield, tomb

Medivh: good- cursed, towers

TLV: good- dragon, towers

Zarya: good- braxis

Cho'gall: good- shrines, garden


Artanis: good- hanamura

Chen: bad- shrines

D.Va: –

Deathwing: bad- dragon

Dehaka: bad- alterac, battlefield, volskaya, hanamura

Gazlowe: –

Hogger: bad- hanamura

Imperius: bad- shrines

Leoric: good- dragon

Malthael: –

Ragnaros: bad- battlefield, braxis, hanamura, towers

Rexxar: good- braxis, hanamura

Sonya: good- braxis, temple, shrines

Thrall: good- battlefield, volskaya

Varian: –

Xul: bad- hanamura, braxis

Yrel: good- hanamura


Azmodan: –

Cassia: –

Chromie: good- battlefield, braxis


Falstad: bad- hanamura, braxis, battlefield

Fenix: –

Genji: –

Greymane: –

Guldan: bad- battlefield, towers, hanamura, cursed

Hanzo: –

Jaina: bad- braxis

Junkrat: –

Kaelthas: –

Kaelthuzad: bad- cursed

Liming: good- battlefield

Lunara: bad- volskaya

Mephisto: good- volskaya, shines, dragon, tomb

Nazeebo: good- volskaya

Nova: good- towers

Orphea: good- braxis

Probius: bad- hanamura, battlefield

Raynor: –

Sgt. Hammer: good- shrines

Sylvanas: –

Tassadar: good- shrines

Tracer: good- garden

Tychus: bad- battlefield

Valla: good- shrines, battlefield, alterac

Zagara: good- dragon

Zuljin: good- volskaya, braxis


Alarak: –

Illidan: bad- dragon, battlefield, tomb, braxis

Kerrigan: bad- braxis, battlefield

Maiev: good- tomb

Murky: good- dragon, temple, shrine, volskaya, towers

Qhira: bad- volskaya, shrines, tomb

Samuro: bad- tomb, shrines

The Butcher: –

Valeera: –

Zeratul: bad- braxis, hanamura, battlefield


Anubarak: good- dragon

Arthas: –

Blaze: –

Diablo: bad- hanamura

ETC: –

Garrosh: good- braxis

Johanna: good- tomb

Malganis: –

Mei: –

Muradin: –

Stitches: –

Tyrael: –


Alextrasza: –

Ana: –

Anduin: –

Auriel: –

Brightwing: –

Deckard: good- tomb, volskaya

Kharazim: –

Lili: –

Lt. Morales: good- braxis

Lucio: bad- dragon

Malfurion: –

Rehgar: bad- braxis

Stukov: good- hanamura, battlefield, braxis

Tyrande: –

Uther: –

Whitemane: good- volskaya, towers

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