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Good tips for gameplay!

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - Good tips for gameplay!

I was playing a few games the other day and noticed a lot of players making mistakes that I always assumed people knew.

So I figured I could post some gameplay tips! If you know of any that I missed please post them as well. I'm avoiding specific hero advice.

Infernal Shrines: If defending an enemy team's infernal stand behind your gate and attack it once. It will jump the gate and stun you, allowing your entire team + fort to focus it down in safety.

BoE: Time your bruiser camp capture with the objective spawn. This will force the enemy team to make a choice between defending their fort or doing the obj. If you capture it early it is easily cleared, and you will find yourself making that same hard choice.

Dragon Shire: Do not walk straight at the towers to hit them. Stand to the far side of one tower, and you will avoid the shots of the other tower. This allows you to keep the Dragon Knight alive for longer and avoids soaking unnecessary damage.

Also, as Dragon Knight do not W the enemy your team is focusing. 9 times out of 10 you just knock them away to safety rather than secure the kill.

BlackHearts Bay: The Golem boss aoe attack only hits the gate and not both towers. This boss will barely damage your towers, let alone your keep if it isn't supported by the enemy team. If it is captured but they move to Blackheart to turn in, that is priority rather than the boss.

Cursed Hollow: DO NOT go boss when the enemy team is cursed. This completely wastes your objective, and usually you will have time after the curse to go do boss because the enemy team is forced to clean up your stacked minion waves.

Hanamura Temple: The AOE cleave of the samurai merc can almost halve an enemy hero's health. If you support it you can sometimes easily wipe an enemy team utilizing that damage.


Braxxis Holdout: Believe it or not, Rag is not an ideal pick on this map. Heroes that have sustain are the best choice as they can fight for the point for long periods of time. Lava wave only clears the smallest minions of the wave.

Towers of Doom: The boss on this map is one of the game's biggest throwpits. Only attempt if the enemy team is dead and you have at least 4 up who are healthy. Also only worth it if the enemy team's core is very close to death. It only fires 4 shots. If the enemy core has 6 hp left it is better to get keeps.

Random Tips:

If an objective is spawned such as Skull Golem/Garden Terrors/Immortal and a merc camp is still showing on the mini map that means the enemy team is currently capturing or fighting that merc camp. If you are able, this is a good time to pounce for extra value.

If Illidan/Varian/Rexxar is soloing the boss, do not rush to help as you will only draw attention to what they are doing. Instead create pressure elsewhere on the map, such as the complete opposite side of the map.

Do not go ahead of your tank into bushes. This is called Face Checking and is akin to sticking your head into a weird hole in a horror movie. Tanks can usually survive a team's full burst.

Play every hero in the game. This gives you a basic understanding of each heroes ability range and attack capabilities. This will allow you to understand their engagement ranges and stop you from overextending and dying.

Target the mage in a bruiser camp first. He gives a spellshield making the three other bruisers much tankier. This speeds up clearing as well as capturing.

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