Heroes of the Storm

Grandmaster got ripped from my cold dead hands three times, and now I hate the world

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Grandmaster got ripped from my cold dead hands three times, and now I hate the world

TLDR: I had three really good opportunities to get to grandmaster rank and each time I got it taken away in some annoying manner.

There is a lot of backstory to this both blessed and cursed account. I originally made an account with a name after the most meme worthy talent in the game. His name is ConvectionOP#2689 and I love him to death, but he has dissapointed me yet again. It was supposed to be an account with a trolly and fun name to play with friends on, but playing it long enough it eventually climbed up to my normal rank.

I've been playing in master league for quite a while now. Sitting around 5k of points early on, but also getting 10k in the preseason. Now here's the kicker. Eventually this meme account started getting a lot of points. Like a lot of lot, and suddenly he was only a few games away from grandmaster. I actually managed to get enough points to actually dip into it with the amount of points, and I was pretty happy about it. I checked the amount of points in the morning and I was instantly met with rage. Utter rage. I was 28 points away from the #100 spot, and this fucker Sven (he is actually pretty nice) sitting at the leaderboard taunting me. Now of course this is the time that I go on a losing streak of course. I'm pretty annoyed, but I get over it pretty quickly, and the amount of points needed for GM rise quite high.

So at this point I'm not even thinking about it. I take a break from my smurf account for a while, not playing in a month before I checked in on it and played a single game to not get rank decay. Suddenly something blessed happens.. I get 400 points for a single win? I know I had an overall winrate of around 67% on it, but holy hell that's a lot of points for only one game. So I play on it the other day with a couple of friends and we win 5 games in a row.. that's 2500 god damn points, and eventually I'm sitting at one more win to break into GM with quite a large amount of points. I would land in GM#85 if I would just win this last god damn match. We start the game and I get one of my favourite maps: Zul'jin industries. This is one of the maps where I have the biggest feeling of impact. If I get stacked this game I can basically win the game single handedly. However, the game decided to curse me with a valeera one trick, and of course Volskaya Industries will also have a valeera one trick. Now I'm always in the mindset that every game is winable, but the game went as expected. Valeera had no impact and although I got stacked as all hell, the enemy team had quite a oneshot combo for me, so as long as they focused me down I was screwed that game. I could've always played it better obviously, but god damn it was a salty game to lose. I lose 400 points, but I don't give up.


I try the next day and would you have a look at that, my account blesses me with 400 points again. It now means I'm yet again on the promotion match to GM, and the points will guarantee it as long as I win this next one. I play the match and it's going pretty well. The enemy team has a nasty Cho'gall comp, but we are doing really well vs their team, and we have the necessary heroes to deal with them both in terms of split push and it terms of team fight. About half way into the game, something magical happens.. I disconnect. I god damn fucking disconnect. I never have internet problem, like ever. However the ISP gods have noticed I was a little too close to getting the rank, so what do you know I get hit by the longest internet loss I've ever experienced. I restart my pc and by the time I'm back.. the game is over.

Any time you feel like things aren't going your way.. just remember the name convectionOP 🙁 https://imgur.com/a/GPDCw9I

Just for reference, I don't think this account deserves to be GM at all. It basically just got blessed rank uncertainty for some odd reason. However, it would be hilarious having an account named "ConvectionOP" on the leaderboard.

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