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Grom Hellscream: The Character

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Grom Hellscream: The Character

Hey guys, I'm bored and have a few hours to kill so I'm gonna go dumb and build my favorite Blizzard character; Grom Hellscream. Be warned. I'm trying to be stupid. Stupid awesome.

Trait: Deal with the Daemons. When Hellscream dies, he unleashes a powerful scream, reducing the armor and movement speed of everyone around him, for three seconds. His skin turns red, and he grows twice as large. During this time Hellscream can cast his Gorehowl's Blade for free, and it does 50% damage. If Gorehowl's Blade connects with three separate targets, or kills a target, Hellscream is rooted and invulnerable for two seconds, and then comes back to life.

Fuck yes it's broken. Grom Hellscream is supposed to be terrifying. All the melee assassins in this game are hit and run characters. They go in do their damage, and then get out. Not Hellscream. You run from Hellscream.

Q: Gorehowl's Blade. Hellscream is rooted for two seconds while charging up a straight line area attack directly in front of him. During this time he will charge up a scream. After the two seconds he unleashes an attack (with a scream, obvs) that kills the target. Not actually kills them, but like… damage. So much damage. He cannot cast other abilities, or move, until after the attack. Oh and this ability has no cooldown. Just do it as often as you like.

The entire design of Hellscream is that he has no survivability and limited gap closing, and, in fact, benefits from putting himself in high risk, deadly situations, where he will likely die. Because of the high charge up time, and short range, the reward needs to be extremely deadly. And yeah it's busted that he can just do this as often as he likes. I love it.

W: Sidestep. Hellscream hops a short distance on a one second cooldown. Hop bro hop. This is literally his one survival tool, but potentially hilarious and powerful. Just always able to get sliiiiiightly out of range of those AoE effects. Again, rewarding a high risk, high damage play.

E: Hellscream. Hellscream unleashes a scream that fears all nearby minions, and lowers the armor of all Heroes by 30% for 3 seconds. 10s cooldown.

You might notice I have Hellscream screaming a lot. It's in the name boo. I wanted Hellscream to have plays around minion waves, while generally upping the damage he can unleash if everything comes together.

R1: Mannorath's Blood. Unleashing a, you guessed it, powerful scream, Hellscream is thrown into a Daemonic Rage. Growing in size, and becoming red, Gorehowl's Blade's charge up is reduced to 0.5 seconds, and his damage is increased by 50%. The effect lasts for 6 seconds. When it ends, Hellscream dies. The buff persists through Deal with the Daemon's.

Frick yeah. Hellscream just owns everyone and, if he's lucky, his trait will trigger and he'll survive. Does it sound absolutely stupid? Yes. Is it awesome? Yes.

R2: Journey to Draenor. Calling on daemonic energy, Hellscream teleports a single Hero into an alternate world where they fight 1v1 for 7 seconds.

Fuck yeah I like Mordekaiser. YOU CAN'T JUDGE ME FOR IT! Lawl.

Level One Talents

Graceful Step: Sidestep doubles in distance.


Timed Attack: Hellscream can cast Sidestep as Gorehowl's Blade is charging.

Sidestep King: If Sidestep avoided damage equal to, or greater than, 5% of Hellscream's total health, Hellscream gains invulnerability for 1 second.

I really wanted the tier one talents to be all about the Hop, and to make it a defining choice for how people want to approach him. Graceful Step is the "dunder" talent in the tier; it's obviously good for obvious reasons. Timed Attack opens up great aggression options for Hellscream, while Sidestep King will give skilled players a touch of survivability, which Hellscream lacks.

Level 4 Talents

Die By My Blade: Hellscream can move while charging Gorehowl's Blade.

Stay Put: Gorehowl's Blade stuns for 1.5 seconds.

Striding Daemon: If Gorehowl's Blade does no damage, Hellscream gains 30% movement speed for three seconds. The charge up of Gorehowl's Blade, during this time, is halved.

Die By My Blade is such a clear upgrade, that I wanted the other talents in the tier to have a nice powerful feeling as well. Stay Put has a lot of "stun lock" potential, as the stun lasts 1.5 seconds, while it takes 2 seconds to charge up an attack, giving Hellscream potential to land two powerful blows. Striding Demon is a nice option for people who are struggling to land the attack, or who are looking to make a quick exit.

Level 7

Cower Before Me: If Hellscream hits only one hero, that Hero is feared and rooted for 1 second.

Band of Brothers: Allies in Hellscream's radius do 20% more damage.

Mocking Assault: Dealing damage, to heroes, with Gorehowl's Blade resets Hellscream's cooldown.

Level 13 –

Ambush: If Gorehowl's Blade deals damage while in, or moving out of a bush (1.5 seconds), it does double damage.

Silent Warrior: If Grom remains stationary for 2 seconds, he gains invisibility. He keeps his invisibility for 1 second after moving.

Numbers Are Meaningless: If Gorehowl's Blade deals damage to a minion, and a Hero, all minions in a sizable radius die, and the Hero is slowed by 20% for 2 seconds.

Level 16

Gateway: Grom can travel to anywhere on the map via a Daemon Gate. 200 second cooldown.

Blast the Gates: Grom plants a Goblin Bomb that does massive structural damage. 200 second cooldown

What's With All The Goofy Stuff?: Grom Gains 30% movement speed and 30% armor. 200 second cooldown

Level 20

Daemon's Pledge: If Deal with the Daemon's saves Grom after Mannorath's Blood kills him, his resurrection is instant and Mannorath's Blood recasts instantly. There is no cooldown on this effect.

Draenor's Wrath: Grom gains 50% armor and 50% damage during Journey to Draenor.

End It: When Gorehowl's Blade kills a target, it's damage is permanently increased by 10%.

This was fun as heck! Let me know what you guys think! I love Hellscream, and I'd love to hear his signature scream in the Nexus.

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