Heroes of the Storm

Grow HOTS in 3 steps. (in-game tourneys!)

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - Grow HOTS in 3 steps. (in-game tourneys!)

Step 1: Quick match rework. This mode will focus on getting queues filled quickly. Renamed to "Casual Match". Remove any requirements for limiting the map pools for new players. When a user enters the casual queue, after finding the 10 players it will display the map selected for the match. From there the user will see their own team and the picks they are making. Like many MOBAs this is a blind pick mode. Players will have the information of the map and can work together to make a (hopefully) viable team. This works fantastic in my experience with brawls. There is a MMR for "Casual Match" and it will be acceptable to spend a minute or two to make a good match. After that the system will do it's best to pump out a match no matter what. Playing is more fun than waiting.

Step 2: TL/HL will begin to use MMR adjustments considerably more liberally and potentially will create imbalanced matches as a result. Winning games yielding 40 points or 360 points are possible. These are extreme examples but will again reduce queues and force players to adjust their play style for weaker and stronger teams. This will keep waiting to a minimum and potentially allow stronger players to advance quicker through the ranks.


Step 3: Teams and weekly in game tournaments. Players will have the ability to create and join teams. Teams will allow between 7 or 15 players. Community feedback required. These teams can sign up for a weekly in game tournament. Each team will have a ranking based on results(bronze/silver/gold/etc). Team matches can allow for up to two observers for streaming/casting/etc. There is a possibility for a 3rd party to sponsor or purchase a tourney and set the rules depending on interest.

There we now have fun matches, solo/group competitive matches and hardcore built in team 5v5 matches. This would keep the game alive and maybe even grow it for years to come.

Read:  Full 41.0 changes.

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