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Guldan has really awful UX design & needs a second pass just to make playing him less annoying

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Guldan has really awful UX design & needs a second pass just to make playing him less annoying
  1. his > ability binds the place portal ability, which you use while out of combat & safe, to 1, and binds the teleport ability, which you use as an escape button in combat, to 2. Its backwards. It should be 2 out of combat to setup then 1 in combat to use, especially since accidentally hitting the 1 key & then immediately hitting the 2 key instead removes the portal from where it was placed and makes the 2 not do anything. I guess I should just be glad it isnt bound to the 6 key. Also, why does using the portal remove the portal??? The absolute most frustrating thing about the ability is when you hit l 2 z right click l to instantly blink out of a combo and then without a frame of inaction are immediately riding back into the fight and realize you didn't drop a new portal. Theres no reason for it to work that way, the drop-portal button has a 1 second CD just put a new a portal down when I teleport. Also also, why does it take so long to drop the portal? Its just an inconvenience for inconvenience's sake, this serves nothing and every time I have to sit and watch my mount CD tick down bc dropping a portal in my spawn un-mounts me it feels the way that hearing someone mis-shift in a manual car feels, and every second I spend wondering to myself, "is starting to walk and then mounting up slowly faster or slower than sitting in spawn doing nothing until the mount is up so I can insta-mount?" is a second of my life I would like back.
  2. pressing his W makes the W key into a "cancel drain and start its CD" button, so if ur in a high-tensity situation & jam the button on a group of enemies who're nearly in range trying to get ur drain off ASAP on whoever is closest, u can wind up canceling out of the drain once it starts. There is a buffer to prevent accidentally canceling, but the buffer A) isnt big enough to actually fix the problem and B) causes problems of its own by effectively stunning yourself for nearly a second when sometimes you do want to do short little drains, especially when you have the reset talent and have a bunch of near-death minions and/or the slow talent. There's nothing worse in this world than hitting an enemy with your drain to slow them down while your corruption comes off CD, then hitting them with a max-range corruption that should land except your character doesn't do it because the buffer is still on and the game has put you into a big baby diaper and taken your mouse away because they decided, for no reason at all, that that play is too big and grownup for you to be allowed to do. The problem with all of this is that, guldan already has a "stop draining" button, its the s key so theres no need for the cancel drain button & the ensuing self-stun problems — you could remove the drain cancel ability and the buffer to drastically improve the character by removing the primary source of accidental cancels without losing a single thing. Theres no other hero in the game with this sort of weird, arbitrary restriction on your ability to make big-brained plays by lowering your allowed APM. Zuljin is allowed to start channeling his heal ability & instantly end it whenever he wants with no delay, and here's the thing; I've used it for less than 0.5 seconds to make myself survive microscopic chip damage that was otherwise going to be fatal and I remember that I did it because it felt amazing to do. So why am I not allowed to play at that level of skill as guldan??? EVEN GULDANS OTHER CHANNELED ABILITIES DONT WORK THIS WAY, you are allowed to instantly cancel rain of destruction at any point without relying on a "cancel channel" button
  3. the talent that gives your next spell bonus damage if u life tap, >, not being useable if ur at max mana forcing you to throw a spell that wont hit anything just to be able to get the bonus damage on the spell u do want, feels awful. It was more understandable back when every life tap gave bonus damage since it being awkward & sometimes unavailable is fair counterbalance to it being always available and because it used to only empower the next spell used since that Q you threw just to be able to tap-drain or tap-corruption wasn't gonna be empowered anyway, but now that it doesnt do anything until you've filled a meter and it gives spell damage over time having it then also be unusable unless you waste a spell just to tap sucks. One or the other is fine but both doesnt feel good. It could very easily be made so that part of empowering the lifetap with damage is that it allows you to lifetap at full mana — it already changes the ability to be useable at low health, why not at full mana too? ALSO, while we're on the subject, darkness within needs a better UI than it has, nobody is ever going to mouse over the icon to see how much damage they're missing, itd be way better if it got the treatment that Chen's level 20 trait talent got where it puts (multiple) bars above the ability bar, one that activates & drains when u empowered life tap and another that fills up as you do damage & instantly empties when u empowered lifetap. I know there is a bar showing if u have it going & a glow on the button, but playing reworked Chen made me realize that sort of thing belongs on the UI instead of in-game — especially something like the current iteration of the talent that can be (and benefits from) being micromanaged to an extent beyond what the current system allows. Sometimes when an enemy is running out of my range I want to know how close I am to filling my trait so I can know whether I should blow them a parting kiss to put myself over the edge & then hold that lifetap until the next fight or if I'm not close enough & shouldn't waste the mana/CD.
  4. how slowly repeated lifetaps take (if ur at 0 mana and full health and have a vulnerable target you can drain dry, completely filling your mana bar WITH, KEEP IN MIND, A NO-COOLDOWN INSTANT-CAST ABILITY, takes a full two seconds, which means if an uther runs up & uses his ult to stun someone and you start using your, again, no-cooldown instant-cast trait to fill an empty mana bar in preparation for a nice, chunky drain, the stun will be over before you've even started draining. In fact, for context, out of all 89 heroes, exactly 1 hero in the entire game has a stun that lasts longer than it takes to lifetap to full from empty (ETC). Kind of puts a giant asterisk next to the ability being, you know,) and the inability to lifetap while draining (for when u hit max health & arent worried about taking damage any time soon) are Problems as well. Theres this very tangible feeling that u could be doing more if the game werent arbitrarily limiting u that isnt great. This was mostly a problem with the old darkness within lifetap talent when it only affected the next cast so u had to weave ur taps, but its still a problem with > since it (fun fact) heals nearly an entire healthbar in a single full drain which means if you dont take any damage during it any health you had before the drain is wasted mana. I get why his lifetap is limited the way that it is, its a balancing factor for the drain ability & helps prevent unskilled players from life-burning themselves accidentally, but he really, really needs a talent that unlimits his lifetap by removing it's CD & allowing it to be used while channeling. And since the only time the limits on the lifetap are an issue anymore with the old weaving darkness within being gone is when you take the harvest life talent… harvest life should also remove the CD from life tap and/or allow you to use it while channeling, so you can life drain an enemy while at full health and just keep tapping or you can just chunk your health to get a full mana bar right before a meaty drain, or both. I know this is just a talent change suggestion & not a pure UX suggestion but if they hadn't removed all the interesting talents that would have benefited from a more agile trait itd be a different story

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