Heroes of the Storm

Gul’Dan Spell Power still bugged?

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Gul'Dan Spell Power still bugged?

When the spellpower changes hit around half a year ago a few interactions didn't work the way they should. Supposedly those have been fixed in the mean time, but I have some questions regarding their validity.

Specifically, I wondered how his different spell power talents interacted in regards to Drain Life. Instead of going through the trouble to google this, I hopped into a try mode game and wrote down some numbers. Here's the setup.

(Note: The tests were made at lvl 30 because leveling up during this is the most annoying thing, and also rounding errors get smaller.)

Base heal per tick is 153. This can be affected by numerous talents, and I looked at three of them in more detail: Hunger for Power (from here on out referred to as "the lvl 7 talent") Increases Ability Power by 15% but reduces healing received from allies by 25%.

Harvest Life (from here on out the 13 talent) Drain Life heals for 75% more Health when used on Heroes.

Darkness Within (fhoo: 16) After using Life Tap, the next ability you cast has 25% increased Ability Power.

For anyone who might be unclear on this, the self heal is affected by spell power. Here is what I found:

healing per tick, baseline lvl 30: 153

7: (15%) 160 (+7)

13: (75%)
267 (+114)

16: (25%) 191 (+38)

7+13: 280 (+127)

7+16: 189 (+36)

13+16: 334 (+181)

7+13+16: 330 (+177)


If you look at the numbers, right off the bat, the lvl 7 talent is not what we would expect. A measly 7 point increase is around 5%, not the advertised 15%, but it gets weirder. While the 13 and 16 talents keep their promises, adding 75% and 25% respectively (and also stack multiplicatively, not additively, which is quite a bit more powerful) they seem to interact weirdly with the lvl 7 talent. With both the 7 and 13 talents, it seems we get the 5% increase again, then that number gets rounded down (did I mention everything gets rounded down in HotS? Yea, at Blizzard Entertainment 1,99 equals 1, resulting in some wonky scaling) and only after rounding we get the 75% stacked multiplicatively again. It gets worse. 7 and 16 hate each others guts so much, you receive less healing than with 16 alone. Adding 13 into the mix, you still get a little less than with 13+16 alone.

I have no explanation as to why any of this happens. The 7 talent works fine for all other abilities and stacks additively with 16. It also seems to affect the healing from Consume Soul (lvl 4) and Healthstone (lvl 13) in the same way: 7 alone buffs it by 5%, 16 alone buffs it by 25%, the combination buffs it by just under 24%. (The exact numbers at lvl 30, for those interested are: 1185, 1244, 1481, 1467 for Consume Soul, and 1380, 1449, 1725, 1708 for Healthstone)

My current theory is that somehow the healing reduction of Hunger for Power affects the self heal despite the description, but I can't figure out in which way. If anyone can offer an explanation I would be very grateful.

Have a nice day.

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