Heroes of the Storm

[HC] Colenzo the Annihilator

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - [HC] Colenzo the Annihilator

Colenzo the Annihilator

Health: 1300

Attack Damage: 100

Attack Speed: 1

Attack Range: 1.5


Health: 175

Attack Damage: 40

Attack Speed: 1.5

Attack Range: 1.2

**Who is Colenzo?**

He is a Fallen Shaman in charge of the first wave of minions summoned by Baal when at the Throne of Destruction. The most powerful imp found in Diablo II and is regarded as a demi-god amongst the Fallen ranks.

Trait, Fallen Ones – Colenzo commands 2 imps. They can be controlled to follow, attack a target, or hold an area. Imps leave a corpse when they die. Imps that die will automatically revive at their corpse location after 8 seconds. As long as they are within Colenzo's range. Imps that cannot be revived will respawn after 16 seconds.

Q Fire Ball, CD 6 – Launch a projectile that will deal damage and ignite the first enemy target hit. The Ignited target will have a fiery aura that damages nearby enemies for 4 seconds.

W Demonic Seal, CD 13 – Create a large seal on the ground for 9 seconds. Imps that die within the seal will revive 50% faster. After Demonic Seal ends, Colenzo's next Fire Ball will deal 15% increased damage for each imp, 5% for each minion, and 50% for each hero that died on the seal.

E Warped Flesh, CD 10 – Gain 100% spell armor for 1.5 seconds. If Colenzo receives no damage during its duration, then he can teleport a short distance.

R1 Death Curse, CD 120 – Select a enemy hero and channel for 2 seconds. Once the channel ends, the target will be poisoned equal to 100% of their current health over 6 seconds.

R2 Dark Ones, CD 30 – Summon 2 dark imps that join along with your other imps. When a dark imp's corpse is revived, it will explode instead. 2 dark imps max



Full Party – While at least 2 imps are alive, your imps will have 50% increased attack speed.

Light the Way – !Quest: hit 20 heroes with Fire Ball. !Reward: Fire ball will now pierce the first target to hit an additional target behind them.

Mind Over Matter – If Warped Flesh does not block any damage, then 250% of the mana cost is refunded.



Implosion – When an imp dies on the seal, all enemies on the seal take damage.

Spirit Ball – Imps that die on the seal will now contribute 30% increased damage to the next fireball.

Blood Transfusion – When an imp dies on the seal, the other imps and Colezo are healed.


Second Seal – After Demonic Seal has been active for 3 seconds, the seal will then slow enemies for 20% while on the seal.

Vivify – If Warped Flesh absorbs at least 250 damage, then all imps are revived.

Flame Acolyte – Fire Ball will ignite your imps that it passes through. Ignited imps will deal damage to nearby enemies for 4 seconds.


Numbers Advantage – If at least 2 imps are down then the trait can be activated to revive all imps. This can only happen once every 30 seconds.

Focus Fire – Hitting an enemy hero with fireball will reduce the cooldown to 4 seconds. Hitting that same hero repeatedly will reduce the cooldown to 2 seconds.

Third Seal – After Demonic seal has been active for 6 seconds, the seal will then lower the armor of all enemy heroes by 25 while on the seal.


Poisoned Dagger – Colenzo's basic attack will poison enemy heroes for 666 damage over 6 seconds. This effect can happen once every 10 seconds.

Spite– 50% of all damage absorbed by warped flesh will be dealt back to the attackers.

inner Power – While Colenzo is within the Demonic Seal. Fireball will travel 30% faster and Warped Flesh will grant protected.


Helpless – Death Curse's target has all healing reduced by 50% while poisoned.

Warped Ones – Dark Ones will summons two warped imps instead. A warped imps corpse will both explode and revive.

Final Seal – When Demonic Seal Ends, it will deal 300 damage to all enemies within the seal for each seal that activated.

Flame Mastery – If Fire Ball hits a target with the last 25% of its travel distance. Then the single target damage will now deal area damage. Igniting all targets hit. If Fireball hits it target within the first 25% of its travel distance, then it will deal double damage.

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