Heroes of the Storm

Healing and you (QM focus)

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Healing and you (QM focus)

Let's talk about healer play in general and what you should be thinking. Friendly reminder that no matter what you do with voice or text every other player on your team and the enemy team has their own mind and playstyle.

Feel free to discuss draft options as I am still learning draft counters and strong matches to enemy roles as well as combos.

Now, this is a discussion thread so we will go over the general idea of healers, feel free to give your opinion even if it differs wildly. We will look at a quick overview of each healer and what they might specifically do differently with positioning. Then what you can do with that healer on your team. Feel free to get very specific, this top post will be more general as the idea is what you will do in qm with all sorts of whacky matchups.

We start off with the general idea of healers. It is quick and easy to assume that a role called "healer" should be, well, healing. Nothing matters but those raw heals, burst heals, heals over time. However, as we learn about HOTS we quickly find that every healer has many more different tools at their disposal; damage reduction of the enemy team, healing reduction of the enemy team, armor modifiers, speed modifiers, silences, slows, blinds, roots, stuns, cleanses, shields, pulls, revives, even damage of their own, to name a few.

So you are learning to heal? Where should you be standing? In lanes and in team fights you should be with the backline. This means you are within range to heal your team members but slightly out of range of damage. Team fights should be discouraged outside of objectives and defending your forts and keeps. Don't let your tank pull you into a fight you will be unable to heal. If your cooldowns are ticking and you are out of mana then he should listen when you ping 'v' for a retreat.

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As you progress you will learn about all the traits of each healer and how sometimes baiting the enemy team to attack you and activate your traits will benefit your team, especially when your tank is ready to follow up and your team has combo wombos prepared.

So you are going solo quickmatch. You are learning healing so pick LiLi. You are doing gods work by being a healer (queue as anything else and you have a good chance in quickmatch to have no healer and no tank) as you click ready. You just have to hold 'q' to start. Learn how to position. LiLi has a basic trait that activates when she takes damage. You want to heal your team and not yourself though so a few minion hits are ideal, try not to facetank the enemy team. What heroes do they have? What are the map objectives? Who is on your team? These will help you decide your level 1 talent. Free drinks is always a hit and stacks with some later talents, try it out if you don't know why you would pick any of them. Stay with your tank at all times. If your tank dies, you must live at all costs. Get your team to retreat with you.

These are basic skills of most healers so practice them and you will be able to start learning other healers, too.

When LiLi is on your team and you have excellent self heals, especially passive ones, give her some space so her 'q' autoheals are better spent on other heroes.

Always think how you can do the most to keep your team alive. You are the main healer and your team has 4 other players with you. Your Muradin wants to facetank the whole game? Sometimes it is better to save the rest of your team instead of risking your own death along with him. Is an objective about to come up? Try to max your health and mana before the 30s countdown is ticking and be near the obj ahead of time.

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What other tips can we give to healers?

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