Heroes of the Storm

Heavy Zerg Swarm Hero Suggestion

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Heavy Zerg Swarm Hero Suggestion

Play as an Overlord who controls a Ravager, a Swarm Host and a Brood Lord like pets.

D Trait; High Flight. Character has no basic attack and is permanently cloaked (cannot be directly attacked, it cannot directly attack). Fair trade. (The tooltip should literally say "Fair trade.")

1 2 & 3 Activateables. Command, in order, a Ravager, a Swarm Host and a Brood Lord. The Brood Lord can go over terrain but bc it does direct damage it can be targeted; it has no AA & moves 10% slower. The Swarm Host has a melee attack and has high health but does less damage and move 5% slower, and the Ravager does high AA damage and moves at normal speed but has a short ranged attack.

Q: Corrosive Bile. If the Ravager is alive, launch a missile at the target location, dealing damage to all units.

W: Spawn… … Broodlings ;). If the Swarm Host is alive, mark target location or enemy. While stationary, the Swarm Host will periodically spawn broodlings who path to target location & attack enemies along the way.

E: Launch Broodlings. If the Brood Lord is alive, target a long thin line from the Brood Lord to launch Broodlings down, spawning two Broodlings at the end of the line. If an enemy is hit it does instant damage to them and spawns two Broodlings who target them. (you can cast this into a bush to make the enemy think the Swarm Host is there & corrosive bile them, or just plain ol gank ambush them, when they check the bush to kill it)

R1: Neural Parasite. Unburrows an Infestor whose health rapidly decays over 3 seconds, who fires a Neural Parasite in the targeted direction that grants this hero control over the first enemy hero hit until the Infestor burrows away. If the target dies & your physics is set to high, the Infestor drags the dead hero's corpse into the hole with it by the tentacle attached to their head.

R1 lvl20: Penetrating Pathogen: The Neural Parasite pierces all targets hit, inflicting Fear on all non-boss enemies except the first hero hit for 0.75s


R2: Fungal Shroud. Unburrows an Infestor whose health rapidly decays over 5 seconds, who generates a cloud that covers everything inside of it with fog of war to enemies who aren't touching the cloud and covers the rest of the map in fog of war to enemies who are touching the cloud. Also grants allies inside of it (Not including itself) 50 armor and any enemies who touch it take damage until the Infestor is gone. The trick is that the cloud at the same time as the infestor but takes effect instantly so it spawns invisible and enemies (outside of it) can't see which end of the cloud the Infestor is on and since the Overlord can fly you can use terrain to sneak it from a weird angle so the enemy has to go into the cloud to know which end of the cloud it's on

R2 lvl20: Enhanced Microbes. Silences enemies for 0.75 seconds when they enter or exit the cloud. Alternatively/additionally, explodes onto nearby enemies when it dies extending the duration of its effects past its death

additional lvl20 talents:

3: Unspeakable Horror. If you took Neural Parasite, when the Overlord dies it drops an Infestor with no duration who can be commanded to move at the target direction with the D key at 30% reduced movespeed and can fire a Neural Parasite every second, granting the overlord player control over each enemy hit individually with the 1-5 keys (corresponding to their location on the scoreboard) or all at once with the right mouse. If you took Fungal Shroud the Overlord's death location becomes enshrouded until it respawns, and the Overlord can move it at 5% reduced speed. Every enemy hero who dies while afflicted by either reduces the Overlord's respawn by 10 seconds. Effect has a 300 second cooldown.

4: Not So Friendly Giant. Every second while the Overlord is stationary and every time it takes damage it drops a wave of bile that hits the ground and spreads out in an expanding circular wave up to sight radius, doing light damage to all enemies hit and slowing enemy heroes by 1% for 2 seconds. Additional slows stack and refresh the duration.

5: Specialized Swarm. Activate the trait targeting a pet to replace the Overlord and all pets with that pet until they die. Took all talents empowering a single pet? Well now you can have 4 of them 🙂

lvl16 talent: Pets don't die when the Overlord does, and when no Overlord all pets gain +12% movespeed

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