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[Heccu] “The break-up” we ALL did not expect.

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - [Heccu] "The break-up" we ALL did not expect.

Since THE announcement I get asked “How are you, Heccu?”.
So… Story time!

So imagine a guy named Steven. He is no one special, just an average Joe. As many other guys in school, he is surrounded by lovely ladies. One is the captain of the cheer leading squad, another is the most beautiful girl in school and so on. One of them is Linda. How is she special? Well, Steven fell for her. It was love at first sight.

First he did nothing, just spectated from afar. Then he started attending same interest clubs, where he got to know her better. He first fell for her looks and then for what she really is. They became really close friends, who would spend a lot of time together. He got to know her friends and family. One day she asked him out on a date and it was the best moment of his life! As every couple they had minor problems, but he knew that they are not serious enough for him to stop loving her.

He did not notice it at first, because everything seemed fine, but at some point Linda stopped talking about their future plans. Then one day he wakes up and checks his phone. It is being bombed with texts like “sorry to hear this, bro”, “I am there for you, m8” and different similar messages. He opens facebook and sees a post: “Hello Linda’s friends and buddies. I (Linda’s dad) decided to relocate our family (including my daughter) to Antarctica. Thank you for all the support that you showed her through these years. Have a good day”.


How does Steven feel?

Is he angry at Linda? No, it’s not her fault.

Is he angry at her father? Maybe, but he is not sure, because there must be a good reason why she and her family must move.

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Is he sad? Yes. It seems that there is no way he can be with the love of his life.

Is he confused? YES!!! He imagined their future together and now it’s gone. Not he can only dream.

What does he do now? He can look for a new girlfriend, he can call his ex. He can decide to not have a relationship ever again.

I believe that many of us feel like Steven right now.

Do you know what actually breaks my heart? Knowing that there are Stevens (players and casters) among us that actually married their Linda, but were forced to split (or get a divorce) in the same way. There are even the Stevens (qualified OD players) that saw Linda being dragged away from the altar.

So back to the begging. “How are you, Heccu?”. I still love the game (Linda), I still love the HOTS community (Linda’s friends) and I love the Hots devs (Linda’s family). I am just… Steven. 🙁

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