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Help me rewrite the Heroes tooltip descriptions!

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - Help me rewrite the Heroes tooltip descriptions!

A few years ago there was a call to rewrite the description tooltips for Heroes and Blizzard did! Unfortunately it was pretty clear that there was a few different ideas on the direction and they ended up in a few different styles. We have them written as design descriptions, player tips, suggested pairings, and some very vague statements.

I have rewritten the ones that I felt were lacking and I want to open it up for other suggestions or edits.

There are some criteria I kept in mind and keywords I adopted that should help highlight differences and similarities between heroes. My goal in the tooltips is to be able to understand the heroes main design focus at a glance and/or highlight unique features to the hero or in the role.

A few Keywords

  • Global – Can traverse the map quickly through long range movement abilities
  • Combo – Focuses on using abilities together for greater effectiveness
  • Mobile – Has a powerful movement ability, is movement focused, or naturally faster then other Heroes
  • Summoner – Has summons as a design focus or strong part of their power
  • Mage – Majority of their power is from abilities and has weak unsupported basic attacks
  • High Health – A large health pool is a larger focus to their design or unusual for their role.
  • All-in – Has a design focus of diving enemies but lacks a strong disengage
  • Sturdy – A focus of their design is the ability to sustain taking a lot of damage and recover from it
  • Tough – Has a focus in their design on mitigating the amount of damage taken
  • Lockdown – A design focus on using strong crowd control
  • Disruption – A strong focus on being able to prevent enemies from moving, casting, or dealing damage
Abathur – A unique Hero that can manipulate the battle from anywhere on the map.A unique global Hero that can manipulate the battle from anywhere on the map.
Alarak – A combo Assassin that can move enemies around and punish mistakes.A combo Assassin that can move enemies around and punish mistakes, growing stronger from their failures.
Alexstraza – A Healer who shares her Health with Allies and can transform into a Dragon to empower her Abilities.Unchanged
Ana – A burst Healer who uses precise skillshots to heal allies and can deny enemy healing.Unchanged
Anduin – A ranged Healer with the ability to pluck an ally from danger.A Healer that excels at saving allies and pulling them from danger.
Anub’arak – A Tank that specializes against MagesA mobile Tank that excels at disrupting Mages and negating enemy spells.
Artanis – A tough Bruiser that deals high damage if the enemy team is unable to shut him down.A tough Bruiser that can displace and out duel opponents.
Arthas A Tank who is proficient against Physical Attackers, slowing them.A defensive Tank that controls the area around him with slows and roots.
Auriel – A Healer that excels when paired with a high-octane damage dealer.A burst Healer that excels with an aggressive team that doesn't give up hope.
Azmodan – A Summoner that can also deal high damage from far away.A high health Summoner that can siege locations with long range spells.
Blaze – A ranged Tank who specializes in initiating fights and dealing area damage by spreading his flames.Unchanged
Brightwing – A Healer who can teleport to allies, excelling on large battlegrounds.A global sustain Healer that can teleport to allies and save them from enemy dives.
Cassia – An Assassin who specializes against Physical Attackers.A tough short range Assassin that excels at poking and harassing enemies that cant lock her down.
Chen – A potent Bruiser that wears down enemies and is resistant to burst damage.Unchanged
Cho – Head 1 of a 2 Headed Hero, Cho controls the body of Cho'gall.A high health double headed Tank who works in tandem with Gall and controls the body of Cho'Gall.
Chromie – A long range, high burst damage Mage, who requires good timing and setup.Unchanged
Deathwing – A Massive Unstoppable Dragon that can withstand punishment while dishing it out, but is unaffected by allied Abilities.Unchanged
Deckard – A burst Healer who excels at preparing the battlefield before a fight and can cripple enemies with crowd control.Unchanged
Dehaka – A Bruiser with a strong, global presence that can effectively clear groups of minions.A global Bruiser who ambushes enemies and collects essence to sustain himself in combat.
Diablo – A risky Tank who can devastate an enemy team with his "all-in" combo potential.An all-in high health Tank that grows stronger from enemy deaths and can combo single targets.
D.VaA hard-to-kill Bruiser that can peel enemies away from her allies with high disruption.Unchanged
E.T.C. – A Tank who supplies his team with a good bit of utility.A Tank that can provide team support and excels at peeling and enemy disruption.
Falstad – An Assassin that can fly large distances, excelling on large battlegrounds.A global Assassin that uses his mobility and high single target damage to harass enemies.
Fenix – A sustained damage Assassin with a regenerating Shield that enables him to efficiently duel his opponents.A Physical Damage Assassin with a regenerating Shield that enables him to efficiently duel his opponents.
Gall – Head 2 of a 2 Headed Hero, Gall is a powerful Mage stuck to Cho.A sustained damage Mage who works in tandem with Cho as the second head of Cho'Gall.
Garrosh – A frontline Tank that enters the fray, trying to isolate a single opponent for elimination.Unchanged
Gazlowe – A Summoner that specializes in controlling key areas of the battlegroundUnchanged
Genji – An opportunistic, mobile Assassin who can tear apart a weak backline.unchanged
Greymane – A high damage Assassin that wears down enemies from afar and dives in for the kill.unchanged
Gul’dan – A sustained damage Assassin who uses his health as fuel but can steal life back from his enemies.A sustained damage Mage who uses his health as fuel but can steal life back from his enemies.
Hanzo – A ranged Assassin who specializes in scouting and taking out enemies from a distance.unchanged
Illidan – A mobile, sustained damage Assassin who pairs well with Heroes that can enable him.A mobile, sustained damage assassin who excels at sustaining and moving through combat.
Imperius – An all-in Bruiser that leads the charge with strong initiation and single target damage.unchanged
Jaina – A frost Mage that can slow the entire enemy team.A frost Mage whose spells slow enemies and combo for high area burst damage.
Johanna – A Tank who shines against Physical Attackers and can effectively clear groups of minions.A Tank with large amounts of area disruption and is difficult to lockdown.
Junkrat – A mobile Assassin that bombards the enemy from afar, and sows chaos with traps and mines.unchanged
Kael’thas – A fire Mage that punishes enemies that stay close together.A fire Mage that can empower his abilities and punishes enemies that stay too close together.
Kel’Thuzad – A burst damage Mage that locks down enemies and devastates them with powerful combos.Unchanged
Kerrigan – A combo Assassin who goes all in, diving into the enemy team.An all-in combo Assassin that can dive and lockdown enemies, sustaining herself from the damage she deals.
Kharazim – A flexible Healer that pairs well with Melee allies who like to dive into the enemy team.A flexible mobile Healer that supports his team by saving his allies or damaging his enemies.
Leoric – A Bruiser that deals high damage against teams with many high Health Heroes.An ever-present Bruiser that can siphon enemies health and haunts the map when dead.
Lili – A sustained Healer who works well against Physical attackers by Blinding them.A sustained Healer who weaves in and out of combat to disrupt enemies and heal allies.
Li Ming – A high burst damage Mage who can reset her Abilities upon getting a takedown.unchanged
Lt. Morales – A strong, sustained Healer who's unbeatable if left alone by her enemies.A strong single target sustained Healer that excels at saving allies under focus.
Lucio – A sustained Healer who gives his team mobility and peels enemies off allies.Unchanged
Lunara – A sustained Assassin who can wear down her enemies from afar with her poison.A sustained damage Assassin who uses her mobility and poison to wear down enemies from afar.
Maiev – A mobile Assassin that excels against clustered enemies and prevent their escape.Unchanged
Malfurion – A strong sustained Healer who can help lockdown enemies to secure takedowns.A strong sustained Healer who can help lockdown enemies and disrupt enemy dives.
Malganis – A self-sustaining Tank that peels for allies and disrupts enemies.Unchanged
Maltheal – An Bruiser who marks his enemies, shredding away High Health enemies.A Bruiser who marks his enemies, excelling at securing takedowns against High Health enemies.
Medivh – A Support who can negate burst damage and allow his allies to teleport.A utility Support who can negate burst damage and allow his allies to teleport.
Mei – A mobile Tank who controls and disrupts the battlefield with weather-altering technology.Unchanged
Mephisto – A sustained Assassin who thrives in battle against groups of enemies.A tricky sustained damage Mage who thrives in battle against groups of enemies.
Muradin – A sturdy Tank that can do well in a multitude of situations.A sturdy mobile Tank that excels at locking down and eliminating single targets.
Murky – Not quite a full Hero, Murky can place an Egg to respawn quickly back into battle.A slippery Assassin that provides constant pressure from its quick respawn egg and area abilities. Murglrg!
Nazeebo – A sustained damage Mage who gains power when killing enemy minions.Unchanged
Nova – A burst damage Mage who can ambush enemies from Stealth.A stealth Assassin who ambushes enemies using clones and long range burst damage.
Orphea – A ranged Assassin who dances around her enemies while using spells to empower her attacks. UnchangedUnchanged
Probius – A high damage Summoner that must stay near Pylons to be effective.A burst damage Summoner that has strong area control around his Pylons.
Qhira – A brutal Melee Assassin who is adept at both beginning and ending fights.Unchanged
Ragnaros – A Bruiser that can nullify enemy pushes against his Forts and Keeps.Unchanged
Raynor – A Physical Damage Assassin that can keep enemies away.A sturdy Physical Damage Assassin that can keep enemies at a distance.
Rehgar – A well-rounded Healer that pairs well with Melee allies.An aggressive melee Healer that can use in-combat mobility to assist in securing takedowns.
Rexxar – A Bruiser that with his bear, Misha, expertly controls areas of the battleground.Unchanged
Samuro – A stealthed Assassin that's great at capturing Mercenary camps and is difficult to kill.A stealthed Physical Damage Assassin that uses clones to trick and overwhelm enemies.
Sgt. Hammer – A long-range, Physical Damage dealer that needs protection from allies.A long range, Physical Damage Assassin who sieges and controls the area around her.
Sonya – A Bruiser that's great at capturing Mercenary camps and likes to dive into the enemy team.A mobile Bruiser that sustains through combat and excels against multiple enemies.
Stitches – A Tank who wants to isolate distant enemies away from their team.A high health Tank that can displace and isolate distant enemies from their team.
Stukov – A Healer that brings high amount of disruption from long range.A Healer who spreads his healing through allies and disrupts enemies from long range.
Sylvanas – An Assassin who can shut down enemy Forts and Keeps.An Assassin who curses enemies to take more damage and can shut down enemy structures and minions.
Tassadar – A psychic Mage that can deliver area damage from long distances.Unchanged
Butcher – An Assassin who starts slow, but deals extreme damage after collecting enough Meat.An all-in Physical Damage Assassin who grows stronger from collecting the meat of fallen enemies.
The Lost Vikings – Three Heroes in one! Can gather experience from multiple locations.Three Heroes that support their team through the amplified map pressure they can bring.
Thrall – A Bruiser who can hold his own in a lane of battle.A high damage Bruiser that sustains from hitting multiple enemies with his abilities.
Tracer – A mobile Assassin who picks off straggling enemies, finishing them off.Unchanged
Tychus – An Assassin who shreds High Health enemies.A short range Assassin who uses his fast attack speed to excel against High Health enemies.
Tyrael – A Tank who pairs well with allies that like to dive into the enemy team.A mobile Tank that supports allies and enables dives into the enemy team.
Tyrande – A Healer who helps her allies lockdown and finish off enemies.A Healer who excels at saving allies and helping them lockdown and finish off enemies.
Uther – A Healer that can negate high bursts of damage.A tough melee burst Healer that can mitigate burst damage by granting allies armor.
Valeera – A stealthed Assassin who specializes in shutting down her opponents.Unchanged
Valla – A well-rounded Assassin that's mobile and can deal high sustained damage.A mobile sustain damage Assassin who becomes faster the longer shes in combat.
Varian – A bruiser that can flex into dealing damage or protecting his team.Unchanged
Whitemane – A versatile Healer who heals her allies by smiting her foes.Unchanged
Xul – A Summoner who can push multiple lanes with ease.A tough Summoner who uses large area attacks to curse his enemies and raise his warriors.
Yrel – A deliberate tank whose heavyweight abilities reward investment and careful timing.Unchanged
Zagara – A Summoner who provides lots of vision of the battleground.A Summoner who controls areas with creep and bullies lanes with her summons.
Zarya – A Support that can enable deadly allies and is good at preventing burst damage.A tough Support that grants allies shields and grows stronger the more damage she prevents.
Zeratul – A stealthed Assassin who can dart around his enemies.Unchanged
Zuljin – A Physical Damage Assassin that gains power while losing Health.A Physical damage Assassin the gains power from attacking Heroes and losing Health.

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