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Help with Grom Hellscream concept.

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Help with Grom Hellscream concept.

Hey Reddit,

One of my favourite characters from Warcraft has to be Grom Hellscream, i've made a small hero concept of his abilities but i'd love to get some feedback! Grom represents the orc berserker for me, I want that to shine in his abilities/playstyle. I also wanted to add an intresting mechanic, instead of mana Grom's abilities cost HP.

I'll start with his ultimates,

R1=The Hellscream, Grom is known for his hellish scream that strikes fear into his enemies. Grom fears all enemies in a cone infront of him. (This puts him into contrast with garrosh who has taunt and has some similitaries to another orc ultimate, gul'dan) At level 20 you could add a slow/minus armor when the fear ends

R2=Blood Curse/pact. Grom accepts the blood curse and becomes a chaos/fel orc. He gains attack speed and ignores enemy armor(Like in warcraft 3, chaos damage ignores armor typing) OR Grom applies a debuff/vulnerability on the targets he attacks, each auto attack applies minus armor. Capping at max minus 20 armor. (Was also toying wth the idea of going chaos orc would self-silence him for the duration of the ultimate)

Q=Ravager. Grom throws his weapon at the target location that inflicts damage to all enemies hit. If Gorehowl reaches the end of it's path it's stuck to the location. If gorehowl hits a hero, that hero is stunned and gorehowl is stuck to them for the duration. Grom is able to leap towards gorehowl by pressing Q again(when in range). hitting a hero heals grom for x% of his hp.


W=Enraged Regeneration/Ignore Pain. Grom takes 30% less damage for the next 3 secconds(Including his own abilities/trait) This damage that was ignored is applied to grom after the 3 secconds end. Grom has increased regeneration during the use of this abilty, the regeneration is increased if grom takes large amounts of damage. (For example if grom takes no damage he has 1hp/per seccond , if he takes 500 damage he has 50 HP/per seccond, the numbers aren't balanced. Just here to show you what i mean)

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E= Warsong's Fury/Frenzy. This ability costs x% hp of your maximum hp and for each x% hp you miss Grom will deal AoE damage around him (unsure if this ability could kill Gromor not). For example Casting it costs 8% of his maximum hp, for every 10% Grom misses of his hp the abilty deals bonus damage. (if at 90% hp it deals 100 damage, 80% 200 damage, 70% 300 damage around him)

Trait= Enrage. Grom is able to toggle this ability on and off. When toggle on his auto attacks deal bonus damage(50%?) versus heroes, but Grom takes increased damage from all sources. When toggled off Grom becomes lethargic, his auto attacks deal less damage versus heroes(50%? damage vs heroes), but grant him some lifesteal with each attack.(Inspired by berserkers/After the seccond war some orcs lost their battle spirit)


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