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Here is why you are losing, a perspective from a casual player since Beta.

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Here is why you are losing, a perspective from a casual player since Beta.

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You guys get them. Everyone has them. Win streaks, and loss streaks. They will happen regardless of your skill level.

Many of these claims are purely based on specation from nearly 4 thousand games. Many of these speculations are from a player who almost exclusively plays Quickplay. Please understand that. If your think my opinion is invalid for that reason, go ahead and continue on with your day.

I believe Blizzard's MM system functions in a way where you are guarunteed to go on win/loss streaks eventually. This isn't because you are good, and frankly it isn't because you are bad. In fact, it is purely dependant on your teammates.

Each win you achieve leads to improved MMR, and each loss you suffer results in a decrease in MMR. While this seems very obvious there is another factor to consider when you manage to lose several times, or push to victory a few more than usual. This is how your teammates are selected.

Often times when playing you may notice your teammates work perfect. They make the right calls, are very keen on when to fight, and know how to preform basic game mechanics flawlessly. We know that on the other side of the spectrum there are players who struggle to understand rotating, don't look at their map, and are probably playing Nova. That is inevitable, but here is why; Every time you win, the game records it and takes that into account when you que up again. Everytime you lose, the game also puts that loss in a little checkbook for your next que. These wins and losses are not stored for MMR adjustment though. Each win and each loss are taken into account for who you are paired up with in the next game.

I have dubbed this "Carry Defeats and Drag Down Wins." This describes how your teammates are chosen. For every streak you go on, a player is paired with you to either help them, or have them help you.

Example: After winning 3 games in a row, the MM system looks for players who have lost 3 games in a row- regardless if they aren't in your same skill level.

Example: You have lost 3 games in a row, now the system is going to search for players who have won 3 times in a row, with a preference for them to be higher rank than you.

This usually leads to you suddenly going a winstreak upwards of 5 because your teammates are incredible good at the game, or at least, well enough that you can work together. At the same time you can suddenly go on defeat streaks as far as 7 with 1 win somewhere in that number. Because each time you go on these streaks a player on your team is either dragging you down, or propping you up in game.

In my opinion this is beneficial to Blizzard in a couple different ways.


1 – It allows the game to draw from a healthier pool of candidates for each match (bronze ranked with platinum because each was on a streak of opposite values) leading to a there always being a match within a few minutes.

( Reminder that this is purely from a Quickplay perspective, all of this may be completely untrue for different game modes. With potentially widely different patterns. )

2 – This keeps individual players more active. Less skilled players or that 1 Nova on your team may tend to be paired with Golds, Platinums, Diamonds and even Masters, in order to keep them playing the game frequently. At the same time, it challenges the ones who already play the game enough to strive harder than a less interested player. From a company view, highly skilled players are less likely to quit playing due to a few bad losses.

If you made it this far, I'd appreciate it if you called me a Gold player at any point in your comment. That way I can discuss this with you knowing that you were attentive to the topic.

Personally I find it very frustrating that this how life has to be in Quickplay. At the same time going on those win streaks are why I play Heroes of the Storm. I love winning in this game, so each defeat just means I have to wait s little longer to get that sweet display of your victory. This of course is exactly how Blizzard benefits, I am a tool in the system simply because I wont give up trying to win. Therefore I often get paired with Bronze, Silver, and Raynors who just discovered traits exist in this game.

Now of course streaks don't always happen and you flip flop with a defeat and a win every other game. This is clearly the system being satisfied with where you are. You are likely are getting paired with similar skilled players each time you win 1 game, lose the next, and win the one after. Proper matchmaking.

TLDR: Every win streak slowly matches you with less skilled players each consective win in order to carry them and help them get some wins. Every loss streak does the same, you get paired with higher skilled players so that they can help you win more. Eventually it evens out and you flip flop wins/defeats, and the MM system is happy, so it only matches you with your skill level.

I am curious if you all have a similar experience with Matchmaking. Because this is a trend I have been experiencing since Beta, and I find it very interesting if not frustrating.

Of course if you are already aware of this I would absolutely love it if you gave me some me details on this.

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