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Hero concept: Aegwynn, Guardian of Tirisfal

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Hero concept: Aegwynn, Guardian of Tirisfal

Hi, my name is Josef, also known in game as "Tylnedrxa", I've been playing hots since 2016 and I am a grand master player. Anyway, I designated a hero in the last week, I like mages so it is a mage, and one of the good ones. I hope you enjoy this, and feel free to feedback me. I'm not native english speaker, so sorry for the mistakes.


After belonging to the Order of Tirisfal and defending this land from all evil that dared to harm it, Aegwynn abandoned the position and title of Guardian, deciding to move away from all conflict, but the problems would not let her go. Now she is ready to demonstrate her power in the nexus.

Passive: Arcane Barrier. Active. All damage done to your hero is redirected to your mana

Arcane Barrage (Q): Deals damage to a hero and pushes him back a short distance. Deals damage to a hero and pushes him back a short distance. If you succeed, regain mana cost and half cooldown. Arcane Barrage does an additional 25% of your current mana as damage.

Arcane Breach (W):

Create a gap in the chosen area that takes 0.5 seconds to form. If a hero positions himself on it, he will take damage, if you push a hero with Arcane Barrage to an Arcane Breach, you stun him for a second and detonate the gap. Stores up to 3 charges.

Blink (E): Activate to teleport a short distance and deal area damage at the point of arrival. If you kill or assist in a kill for the next two seconds, regain mana cost and cooldown

Arcane Blast (R): Channel for 0.5 seconds, then deal damage to a hero. Every time you use this ability, it increases its mana cost and damage. You can accumulate up to four charges.

Arcane Power (R): Increase your spellpower by 20%, and all your manacosts by 20%

Level 1: Choose one quest of three.

Chrono Shift: Quest! Hit 30 heroes with Arcane Barrage to increase it's damage by 10, if you die, the counter restarts.

Reward: Arcane Barrage slows the enemy hero affected by 50% for 1.5 seconds after the knocback, or the stun from Arcane Breach.

Glyph of Blink: Quest! Achieve a takedown on each enemy hero after blinking or for 2 seconds after.

Reward: Increase blink range and gain a second charge.

Arcane Disruption: Quest! Stun enemy heroes with Arcane Breach 20 times.

Reward: Increase Arcane Breach damage and the stun duration by 0.25 seconds.


Tirisfal's power: Quest! Gather regen globes to gain 15 mana. For every extra 100 mana, gain 5% spell power.

Level 4:

Arcane Shielding: While Arcane Barrier is active, gain 25 armor.

Mage Armor: All damage overtime is reduced by 50%

Arcane Fortitude: Gain 25% extra mana.

Level 7:

Sparks: After the Blink explosion, a second blast will pop up at your hero's position after a second.

Evocation: Active to channel for 6 seconds, regenerating 10% mana per second. Mana Barrier is not available during Evocation.

Deep Focus: Hitting an enemy hero with arcane barrage marks them for 6 seconds, if you hit them again with Arcane Barrage, the mark explodes for extra damage and marks again.

Improved Blink: Gain 20% movement speed after using blink.

Level 13:

Managem: Active to restore 33% of your mana. Cooldown starts After not taking damage for 10 seconds.

Invisibility: Taking damage that takes you below 30% health, makes you invisible for 1.5 seconds, and refresh the cooldown of blink

Mana cauterization: If you took less than 25% of your max health while arcane barrier is active, regain that mana after not taking damage for 3 seconds.

Level 16:

Mind Mastery: Increase spell power by 15% of your mana.

Torment the weak: All damage dealt increase by 30% to slowed, rooted, or stunned targets.

Incanter's Absorption: Whenever you absorb damage with Arcane Barrier, increase your damage by 3%, up to 60%.

Level 20:

Overpowered: Arcane power now grants 60% spell power, and reduces manacosts by 20%

Mana Leak: If you achieve a takedown with Arcane Blast, refund the manacost of the last cast. Active: Gain 4 arcane charges.

Infinite power: Gain 100% more mana regen, while arcane barrier is activated, gain 100% more hp regen.

Pressence of Mind: Active to make your next basic spell have no cooldown or mana cost

I had the idea of her with the concept of a hero with CC and late game, who can choose several branches according to the game.

PS: I know some of the talents will be bad, or extremely good, but there is no way for me to prove ti, so just consider the talents as what they could do, rather than what they do as written

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