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Hero concept: Akama, the Broken

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - Hero concept: Akama, the Broken


For you not to get bored, here is another hero concept. This time it is Akama, the second "draenei" hero, a sustain damage manaless melee bruiser whose abilities cost health instead. Although in lore he is depicted more as a stealth assassin, I think the game is saturated enough with them for the moment, and I would rather move towards his unfortunate corruption by Fel energies than sneaking and stabbing.

P: Corrupted Cuts: 10% of all damage Akama deals to enemy heroes is dealt as bleed effect over 5 seconds. Akama regenerates health equal for twice the amount of the bleed damage. Quest: Akama's first takedown against each enemy hero increases the regeneration by 20%.

Q: Avenging Steel: Costs 10% of current HP. Stores up to 2 charges. Akama slashes with his blades a short distance, dealing 10% of targets' current health damage and momentarily greatly slowing all enemy units in the path.

W: Fel Transfer: Akama siphons the enemy heroes of their life force, gaining shield for 5 seconds equal to the Corrupted Cuts damage over time amount on all heroes.

E: Shatter/ Wither: Shatter costs 10% of current HP. (Shatter) After a short delay Akama calls forth eruption of Fel energies at target location, dealing damage and marking enemy heroes hit for a short duration. (Wither) Akama can then curse the marked heroes doubling the current Corrupted Cuts damage over time on them.


R1: Redeeming Flame: Akama becomes marked by the Naaru to guard his allies even with the price of life. Akama loses X armor and gives nearby allied heroes 2X armor for medium duration.

R2: Fell the Tyrants: Costs 20% of Current HP. For a short duration Akama gains greatly increased attack and movement speed and his basic attacks cleave and have increased radius. Each takedown during the window refreshes the duration of Fell the Tyrants.

Some of the talent ideas:

P: Corrupted Cuts reduces enemy hero healing recieved; If Corrupted Cuts has lasted for 5 seconds it slows; Heroes affected by Corrupted Cuts deal less damage to Akama.

Q: has greatly increased range, can move through terrain but loses one charge; enemy heroes hit with both charges are rooted instead; quest: hit heroes X times with Avenging Steel to make the damage % of max health instead of current.

W: Can also target allies; heals instead of shield; enemies damaging you while the shield holds take damage.

E: quest: hit X enemy heroes with Shatter to make the area bigger; Shatter does not damage anymore but slows and explodes instantly; Wither consumes Corrupted Cuts and deals burst damage.

R1: Damage done by allied heroes affected by Redeeming Flame also inflict Corrupted Cuts.

R2: Fell the Tyrants grants Unstoppable.

All the best

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