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[Hero Concept] Cairne Bloodhoof, Tauren Chieftain (Tank)

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - [Hero Concept] Cairne Bloodhoof, Tauren Chieftain (Tank)

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ETC shouldn't be the only Tauren in the game. We gotta show respect to the first Tauren we ever met, the elderly Cairne.

"Ish-ne-alo por-ah"

General Design

Cairne is a defensive Tank designed to shepherd critical allies, peeling dangerous enemies away from them and even redirecting damage an ally would take onto Cairne himself. Cairne makes for an excellent "bodyguard" tank, but isn't as well-suited to initiating fights as other tanks. In the correct composition, he can make it almost impossible for the enemy to pick off a crucial ally.


  • Excellent peel
  • Durable
  • Good crowd control
  • Good teamfight sustain
  • Decent waveclear


  • Large target
  • Limited reach with abilities
  • Lacks escape mechanisms
  • Lackluster initiation
  • Poor single-target damage
  • Vulnerable to healing-reduction effects


(subject to change)

Trait – Reincarnate

Upon taking fatal damage, Cairne enters stasis for a few seconds and then reincarnates with a portion of his health and mana. Cairne can still move while Reincarnating, but is slowed for the duration. Upon finishing, Cairne knocks back all nearby enemies. Reincarnate has a long cooldown, but this can be reduced by hitting enemy Heroes with Cairne's basic attacks and basic abilities. When an enemy forces Cairne to Reincarnate, they still receive 1/4 of a takedown in experience.

Q – Shockwave

Cairne sends a shockwave in a target direction that damages and slows all enemies in a wide line. Mediocre range.

W – War Stomp

After a short delay, Cairne stomps the ground, damaging and stunning all nearby enemies. Cairne is healed for each enemy Hero he hits with War Stomp.

E – Spirit Link

Cairne links himself to target allied Hero for a limited time. As long as the link holds, a large percentage of any damage dealt to the target ally by enemy Heroes is redirected to Cairne. Cairne regenerates a portion of any damage taken via Spirit Link over a few seconds. The link will break early if Cairne is too far away from his ally, and cancels if Cairne is below 5% of his maximum health. Cairne cannot take lethal damage from Spirit Link.

R1 – Ancestral Spirit

Cairne summons a Tauren Spirit that follows around allied heroes and periodically heals them. Cairne can reactivate the ability to redirect the Tauren Spirit. The Tauren Spirit can be destroyed by the enemy, and cannot heal Cairne.

R2 – Earthen Ring

After a wind-up, Cairne slams the ground, vacuuming all nearby enemies toward him and dealing modest damage. He then creates an impassable circle around him that functions like terrain to the enemy. Allies can move through this ring freely.


(expect changes, please suggest ideas)

After casting War Stomp, Cairne periodically releases shockwaves that damage nearby enemies.

Siphoning Link
Cairne is healed for a small portion of any damage dealt by a Spirit-Linked ally.


Deep Link
Quest: Each Regen Globe collected increases the effect of Spirit Link by 0.5%, up to a 15% bonus.

Distant Link (level 16)
Increases the range of Spirit Link.

Chain Link (level 20)
Spirit Link now chains to an additional ally near its target, redirecting damage to Cairne at halved effectiveness on the secondary target.

Spirit Stomp (level 16)
An untalented War Stomp is also cast at the location of a Spirit-Linked ally.

Wide Stomp
Increases the radius of War Stomp.

Every X attacks, Cairne will slam the ground, dealing area damage and briefly slowing all enemies hit.

Endurance Aura
Cairne and his linked ally receive bonus attack speed. Cairne also receives an activated ability that temporarily provides bonus movement speed to him and his linked ally.

Weakening Wave
Enemy Heroes hit by Shockwave deal reduced damage for a short time.

Fracturing Wave
Whenever an enemy Hero is hit by Shockwave, it releases two additional miniature waves that deal less damage.

Forceful Wave
The first enemy hit by Shockwave is briefly stunned.

Shockwave leaves behind a path of mud that slows enemies who stand in it.

Greater Ancestral Spirit (level 20)
Ancestral Spirit gains increased health and can now heal up to 2 allies at a time.

Bond with the Earth Mother (level 20)
Increase the rate at which basic attacks and abilities reduce the cooldown on Reincarnate. Reincarnate now restores Cairne to full health and mana.

Hero Synergy

Cairne would synergize well with high-priority allies who need someone to peel for them. Good examples would be Sgt. Hammer, Raynor, or Zul'jin. However, Cairne doesn't synergize all too well with highly-mobile allies like Tracer or Genji, as they can easily get too far away from him for his Spirit Link to do any good. Cairne also shouldn't be counted on to initiate fights for his team, as his lack of a gap-closer would greatly hinder his ability to do so. Heroes with siege capability like Azmodan are good teammates, lessening the need for initiators.

Hero Counters

Cairne is vulnerable to being separated from his team, as he can't rejoin them that quickly and his Spirit Link requires that he remain close enough to an ally for it to work. Stukov, Stitches, and Garrosh can all make things difficult for Cairne by displacing him or his teammate. Being a health-centric tank, he's also vulnerable to attacks that deal a percentage of his health. As such, Malthael and Tychus are very effective against him. Any effects that reduce healing can also hurt for Cairne, who relies on healing to keep himself in the fight, so Ana can be a big problem. Finally, any hero who can trap Cairne while he's Reincarnating can doom him after he revives. Nazeebo, Junkrat, Malfurion and Chromie can all use their CC's to trap Cairne upon finishing his Reincarnate, even if he tries to maneuver away during the process.

Who else wants to see the old bull in action? Please leave comments.

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