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Hero Concept: Danimoth

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Hero Concept: Danimoth


Epithet: The Last JudicatorUniverse: Starcraft (Appeared in Enslavers)

Class: Ranged Support

Health: 1000 (+3% per level)

Resource bar: Energy (Max 300, quickly regenerates out of combat)

Speed: 120% unless disabled

Attack damage: 50 (+3% per level). Has long range.

Does not have mounts.

Appearance: A
maxresdefault - Hero Concept: Danimoth

protoss arbiter pilot wearing judicator regalia. Similar in height to Tassadar, although his feet are on the ground. His walking animation is a gait similar to that of Artanis.

Shop blurb: This unnamed executor was among the most adept Arbiter pilots during both the Brood War and the uprising of Ulrezaj. Despite their homeworld falling to ruin and the annihilation of his Judicator brethren, his faith never wavered, and he continued fighting in the name of his people. Eventually he took up the name of the great ship he piloted, the Danimoth.

Hero Select Blurb: A high damage support that thrives in team combat, but is easily picked off when alone.


Trait- Cloak field- (Cooldown: 100 seconds)

When activated, all units near Danimoth gain 20% movement speed and invisibility unless they are attacked or attack an enemy. Restores after 2 seconds out of combat. This effect lasts 10 seconds.

Passively, energy will restore at a rate of 8% per second after 5 secounds out of combat. Basic abilities reduce the cooldown of cloak field by 3 seconds when used.

Q (Primary)- Phase disruption- (Cooldown: 4 Seconds)

Charge a long range projectile for 2 seconds, then fire. The projectile explodes on the first target hit, dealing area damage.

Taking any damage disrupts the channel and stops the projectile from activating.

Deals 200 (+4% per level) Damage, damage decreased by 30% on the outer ring of the explosion radius.

W- Shield Generator (Cooldown: 10 Seconds)

Give all allies around Danimoth a shield (Minions and Mercs included) for 8 seconds

Shield has 200 Health (Increases by 5% per level)

E- Stasis Field (Cooldown: 20 Seconds)

Place target ally in Mobile Stasis or stop an enemy. Allies can move but won't take damage until the stasis ends or until they attack an enemy.

Stasis lasts for 3 seconds and can be cancelled by the target if placed on an ally. Allies also gain 30% Movement Speed for the duration

R (Ultimates)-

Option 1- The Last Arbiter (Cooldown: 70 Seconds)

Enter an arbiter, gaining a shield equal to 100% of your max health. Shield lasts for 20 seconds.

Enters an arbiter, gaining new abilities and granting flight & sight over terrain. Danimoth gains 100 Attack damage, and cloak field becomes a passive effect.

All new abilities have no cost.

Arbiter Q- Energy Blast (Cooldown: 4 Seconds)

Stun all enemies around the Arbiter for .75 seconds, and deals 50 (+10% per level) damage.

Arbiter W- Shield Drone (Cooldown: 7 Seconds)

Attach a drone to target hero or building to give them a shield with 100 health (+4.5% per level).

Arbiter E- Warpfields Stabalized (Cooldown: 10 Seconds)


Create a warp rift that ally heroes can choose to enter that will bring them to the Arbiter’s new location. All minions and mercs will be brought over as soon as they enter it. The rift lasts 10 Seconds.

Option 2- Judicator’s Last Stand (Cooldown: 100 Seconds)

Summons a Massive Carrier that lasts for 30 Seconds.

Carrier Stats:

Health: 2x Danimoth’s Current Max Health

Speed: 20%

Creates Interceptors with 100 (+6% per level) Health that deal 75 (+6.5% per level) damage per attack and attack every 2 seconds. Max of 8.

Can be controlled with the R key while active.

Carrier persists 5 seconds longer if Danimoth dies while it’s active, and will automatically target his killer unless directed otherwise. It can still be commanded while dead.


Lv 1:

Enhanced Distortion: Phase disruption area doubled, but deals 30% less damage

Precise Distortion: Phase disruption area halved, but damage is increased by 30%

Psionic Repeater: Phase disruption's cooldown is reduced to 1 second if it hits a hero

Lv 4:

Biotic Shield: Heals all heroes in range for 10% of their max health over 3 seconds when Shield Generator is used.

Perfect Shield: Gives protection instead of shielding but only lasts 3 seconds.

Additional Plasma: Shield has 20% more health.

Lv 7:

Disruptive shield: Shield Generator duration is refreshed if Phase Disruption is used while it’s active.

Long Range Disruption: Phase Disruption range is increased by 50%

Stasis Bomb: Damages the area around stasis field’s target for 300 (+3% per level) damage when the effect ends. Target itself isn't affected

Lv 13:

Shield Battery: Places a shield battery on the ground that gives ally heroes and structures a 200 (+6% per level) health shield that is recharged while it is active, and lasts until it's destroyed.

Volatile Plasma: Shield generator shielding/protection explodes for damage equal to the shield’s health when it ended, or for 8% of nearby enemies’ current health if Force Shield was selected earlier.

Phase Guard: Allies within the explosion radius of Phase Disruption get a free shield generator shield.

Lv 16:

Neural Disruption: Enemies in Phase Disruption’s explosion radius are also slowed by 30% For 2 seconds, and their attack speed is halved.

Stasis guard: Allies in Stasis gain a free shield generator shield when the effect ends.

Prolonged stasis: Stasis lasts 25% longer.

Lv. 20 (Storm talents):

Arbiter’s Fury: Arbiter’s speed is increased to 150% and cooldowns are halved.

Carrier’s Fury: Carrier gains a shield equal to 30% of its max health, can store 2 more interceptors, and has doubled movement speed. It also lasts 5 seconds longer normally, and 10 seconds longer if Danimoth dies.

Phase Lance: All phase disruption talents are nullified, the cooldown is increased to 15 seconds, and now only deals single-target damage. However, a successful hit removes 25% of an enemy hero's current health.

I spent a lot of time coming up with this, tell me what you guys think.

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