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Hero Concept: Duriel

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Hero Concept: Duriel

Are you tired of not having a diablo hero in hots for quite a long time? Are you waiting for having another amazing demon to wreck your opponents out? Are you prepared for destruction? That's right, because I am introducing you… THE LORD OF DES…..


Sorry for the really bad intro. I just want to find a way to trick people thinking I am posting a concept on Baal here. (But of course, the title says it all.) So, if you are looking for Baal, this is not the right place. But at least you can have a look at my concept on Duriel. Feedbacks are appreciated.

A side note that my concept is based on Duriel's appearance in Diablo 4 (the one with a vertical maw in its belly). His kit is based a lot on his appearance in Diablo 2, and some of my personal imaginations.

Duriel is a melee bruiser who gains power when losing health. He has a huge health pool and slow attack speed (0.8 atk/sec). He also has a large hitbox (just like stitches'). While his attacks are slow, he can wreck havoc if they can be fully unleashed.

  • Strengths:
    High damage and survivability when losing enough health
    Intercepting skillshots
    Highly variable playstyles/roles through talents
  • Weaknesses:
    No immediate self sustain
    % damage
    Ability delays


Trait-Lord of Pain: Duriel uses Pain instead of Mana. For every 1% maximum health Duriel has lost, he gains 1 Pain. Duriel gains 1 Armor for every 3 Pain he has. Certain abilities use Pain to empower them. Duriel can have up to 100 Pain.

Q-Double Jab: Stab with your claws twice in a short line over 1 second, dealing slightly moderate damage with each strike. Consumes up to 30 Pain to deal 300% increased damage. 8 seconds cooldown.

W-Bloodworm: Summon a bloodworm with a small health pool that lasts for 10 seconds, attacking nearby enemies for small damage, and healing you for 100% of damage dealt. When it expires or dies, restore 15% of your missing health. Costs 10 Pain. 5 seconds cooldown.

E-Brutal Charge: After 1 second, charge in a straight line at 150% increased speed for 1 second, passing through other units. Enemies in your path take moderate damage and are slowed by 40% for 1 second. Consumes up to 30 Pain to increase the slow duration by up to 300%. Can be cancelled early. 10 seconds cooldown.

R1-Savage Consumption: After 1 second, channel to pin down the targeted enemy hero, dealing moderate damage and stunning them for 2 seconds. When the channel is complete, drag the enemy hero into your maw and consume it for 2 seconds, dealing moderate damage every second and healing you for the damage dealt. 70 seconds cooldown.

R2-Rune of Pain: After 0.75 seconds, form a rune on the ground around you for 6 seconds. While within the rune, allied heroes gain 50 Armor, but also deals 50% of their damage taken to you. You transfer 50% of your damage taken to enemy heroes within the rune. 60 seconds cooldown.


Level 1Maggot King (W)Speed Demon (E)(!) Revel in Pain (D)
Level 4Cripple (Q)Overrun (E)Pleasure Through Suffering (D)
Level 7Twin Slice (Q)Bursting Worms (W)Unholy Freeze (Passive)Demonic Smite (Active)
Level 13Jagged Claws (Q)Blood Spilt (W)Underground Malice (E)
Level 16Frenzied Strikes (Q)Bloodflies (W)Wild Run (E)
Level 20Unending Hunger (R1)Blood Pact (R2)Crimson Brood (W)Feast of Torment (D)


Level 1:

Maggot King (W): Every 4th Bloodworm you summon causes an additional Bloodworm to be summoned. Additionally, they last for 5 more seconds.

Speed Demon (E): When Brutal Charge ends, gain 150% increased movement speed, decaying over 2 seconds. During this time, you may still pass though other units, slowing and damaging them.

Revel in Pain (D): Your health regeneration is increased by 10% for every Pain you have.
Quest: Gain a total of 1000 Pain.
Reward: Your Pain generation is increased by 100%.

Level 4:

Cripple (Q): Double Jab slows enemies by 20% for 2 seconds with each strike. If they are hit by both strikes, increase the slow to 50%.

Overrun (E): Brutal Charge's damage is increased by 50%. Damage bonus and slow increased by 50% after the first 0.75 seconds.

Pleasure Through Suffering (D): Dealing damage to enemy heroes gain 2 Pain. Your damage is increased by 0.3% for each Pain you have.

Level 7:

Twin Slice (Q): Double Jab instead causes you to slice your claws in a wide arc towards the centre over 0.5 seconds. Enemies at the center take damage from 2 strikes, and take 25% increased damage.

Bursting Worms (W): Bloodworms now heal you for 150% of their damage dealt. Additionally, they explode on expiration or death, dealing slight damage to nearby enemies, increased by 50% to non-heroes.

Unholy Freeze (Passive): Deal slight damage to nearby enemies every 0.5 second and slow them by 5% for 2 seconds, up to 30%. At maximum stacks, they deal 30% less damage.

Demonic Smite (Active): Deal ranged moderate damage and knock back an enemy hero. Castable while channeling. Recharges 2% faster for every Pain you have. 30 seconds cooldown.

Level 13:

Jagged Claws (Q): Enemies take an additional 25% damage taken from Double Jab and your basic attacks over 5 seconds. You gain 2 Pain whenever this damage ticks.

Blood Spilt (W): Bloodworms deal ranged attacks that deals 50% increased damage. Every time they deal damage, you gain 2 Pain, doubled against enemy heroes.
Passive: Your basic attacks are now ranged.

Underground Malice (E): You enter stasis during Brutal Charge. When it ends, nearby enemies are also stunned for 1 second and you gain 10 Pain for each enemy hero stunned.

Level 16:

Frenzied Strikes (Q): Double Jab has 2 charges and occurs 100% faster. Whenever an enemy hero is hit by Double Jab, reduce its cooldown by 1 second.
Passive: Your basic attack speed is increased by 75%.

Bloodflies (W): Bloodworms become bloodflies, gaining 25% increased movement speed and can pass through terrains. Basic attacks reduce Bloodworm's cooldown by 1.5 seconds.

Wild Run (E): You may now control Duriel during Brutal Charge, allowing you to change directions. Damaging a unique enemy with Brutal Charge extends its base duration by 0.2 seconds.

Level 20:

Unending Hunger (R1): Savage Consumption consumes all of your Pain to deal up to 100% increased damage. If the target dies while under this effect, reset its cooldown and gain 50 Pain.

Blood Pact (R2): Heroes are still affected by Rune of Pain for 5 seconds after they leave the rune. You now transfer 75% of the damage taken to enemy heroes, and you heal for 50% of the health restored by heroes affected by the rune.

Crimson Brood (W): Increase Bloodworm's healing by 100% and it has 2 charges. When you fall below 25% health, destroy all Bloodworms and refund all Bloodworm charges. This effect has a 60 seconds cooldown.

Feast of Torment (D): You heal for 0.75% of your damage dealt for every Pain you have. Additionally, for every 1 Pain you consume, restore 0.5% of your maximum health.

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